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how to smoke weed in public

How to Smoke Weed in Public - The Ultimate Guide for 2023

how to smoke weed in public

So, you want to learn how to smoke weed in public?

As of 2021 it is still illegal to consume marijuana openly in most states, but because of recent decriminalization laws it’s become much easier to smoke cannabis without getting caught.

Most people that are fined for smoking weed in public are using the wrong devices such as spoon pipes and blunts. 

If you want to avoid the potential Karen encounter you need to be able to pack, smoke, and ash your cannabis in less than 15 seconds like it never happened. #cannabisninja

how to smoke weed in public

In this ultimate guide we are going to show you how to smoke marijuana in public, avoid any hefty fines, and support the normalization of smoking cannabis in public.

Let’s get started.

3 Methods for Smoking Weed Outside

Let’s highlight how to secretly smoke weed and the most common ways people do so. Smoking pot in public and not getting caught is a talent to be mastered.  If you’re looking to keep that high rolling throughout the day while you’re out, review these 3 methods for smoking weed outside:

1. A Pipe That Smokes in Under 15 Seconds

Veteran smokers know about the one hitter stealthy pipe as it is the go-to for public smoking.

smoking weed outside

A discreet weed pipe, like the DART one hitter, is unlike any traditional stealth-pipe.

This genius design was inspired by cannabis inventor Anthony when he realized there wasn’t a discrete and convenient way for him to smoke marijuana on the go.

The DART one-hitter is equipped with a beveled edge in the bowl for quick and easy packing of dry herb. 

Not only can you pack your bowl faster than traditional pipes the DART includes an innovative click-to-ash function, so no more tapping your chillum against your hand to dispel ash. 

This makes The DART much more efficient for public smoking as you can quickly pack a bowl, smoke, click-to-ash all in under 15 seconds.

The DART is usually accompanied by a smell proof weed container like the DART canister that holds your ground weed. These canisters are lightweight and easy to store which can be hung on your keys, in your pocket, or in the DART carry case.

Not only that but The DART is the ultimate tool for microdosing weed as well helping to maintain your weed toleranceLearn about the revolutionary self cleaning one hitter.

smoking weed in public

One hitters make it easy to access your supply when ready to pack and hit and with the smell proof container and carry case it becomes the ultimate weed travel kit. Smoking with a one hitter is the most efficient way to smoke marijuana.

2. Smoking Pot in Public with a Vape Pen

Like a lot of smart folks, you’ve caught on to vape pens, where you can discreetly vaporize your mysterious concoctions of distillates and waxes without having to kill any trees in the process.  

These are better than smoking joints in public because it’s not as strong a smell.  The biggest downside is that not only is it weak in potency compared to natural weed, but can also be very damaging to your respiratory system.

3. Smoking a Joint in Public

Like a lot of people, you don’t have a discrete chillum, or you prefer the stronger organic high of smoking actual weed over a vape, so you light up an old school joint.  

When lighting up a joint alone in public you usually don’t want to finish the whole thing and need to save the rest, which can wreak in your pockets, and just doesn't taste the same re-lighting later.  Smoking with a group amplifies attention by standing in a circle, hiding stationary, and quickly passing around a joint.  

If you go these routes, try using a portable ashtray or pouch that conceals smell, or use a stash like the DART smell proof canister that can be carried discreetly.

In the end using a THC vape or smoking a joint can work for consuming marijuana in public, but nothing beats using the DART one hitter as it is the most optimal solution for smoking weed outside.

3 Reasons You Need to Master Stealth Smoking

If you haven’t figured out by now, smoking in public is still seen as a forbidden taboo in our culture, and illegal in most states, at least for now, “vive la liberté!”.

In efforts to reverse that negative stigma, weed smokers should lead by example and spread good practices.

Stealth smoking of cannabis helps reduce unwanted attention to people who just want to have a casual toke on-the-go.  

Help the old image of people blowing vape and blunt clouds into babies faces, irresponsibly getting too high, and the negative stigma of cannabis fade away with time by standardizing good practices.

Here are some other critical points as to why one must master the art of stealth smoking with class outdoors.

1. Fines for Smoking Pot in Public

Try not to be a statistic!  Just for your first offense of smoking pot in public is $250 alone. Fines can increase as well as add on jail time depending on what the situation is.  Being under the influence of cannabis while driving is constituted as a DUI no matter what state you are in.

2. Smoking While Driving - You Can Lose Your Driver's License

If you aren’t controlling your casual puffs on-the-go and happen to drive, you can be involved in a DUI.  A cannabis DUI can lead to up to 9 months jail time, a $1,000 fine, 30 months of DUI school, and 2 years revoked driver’s license, just for the first offense alone.

3. DUI Charges Including Injury

Cannabis DUI incidents that lead to an injury can include all of the above, and up to a $5,000 fine (not including restitution for injuries), and considered a felony DUI injury case.

This can lead up to 16 years in state prison, and 5 years of your license being taken away.

Bottom line, don’t ever smoke and drive. 

Tips for Stealth Smoking Marijuana in Public

Here are some tips and some good ol’ common sense for stealth smoking, whether you’re smoking joints in public, smoking a blunt, hitting a vape, or a one hitter.

Use Basic Hygiene After Smoking Marijuana

There’s no excuse for people to not be washing their hands and having gallons of hand sanitizer on them at all times after 2020, the year of COVID-19.  

When smoking a blunt in public, not only do you smell like that Dutch master wrapper, but probably have sticky fingers from that dank weed, and will surely wreak of bud.   Use plenty of antimicrobial soap, along with some hand sanitizer to wash away any resin.  

Utilizing a stealthy pipe like a one hitter will eliminate the issue of your hands smelling like sticky resin or oils, as well as being far more discrete than smoking a blunt in public.  Using body sprays, cologne, perfume, or scented lotions can always help mask the smell, but nothing gets that skunk off better than the practice of good old hand washing.  

If you are smoking in a confined space, try using an odor neutralizer for the air or some sort of charcoal air filter.  Last but not least don’t forget to have some chewing gum or mints on you, so when you give grandma a kiss on the cheek, she doesn’t notice you smell like Snoop Dogg's closet.

Pick an Area to Smoke Away from Other People

One important variable on smoking weed outside, is where to smoke weed outside.  Location is key in the level of comfort and overall experience of your leisure toke in the great outdoors.  Try to find a nook that isn’t around the general population, or just avoid crowded areas all together.  

As long as you are carrying yourself with respect and integrity even where it is illegal to smoke, local police usually won’t harass you if you are being considerate of others and making an effort to be private.  

Always keep it classy, maintain a positive image to represent the cannabis community, use your common sense and try not to blow massive clouds of that hybrid strain into the faces of pregnant women and babies.

Play It Cool When Smoking Weed in Public

Weed is legal and being decriminalized left and right.  We all know where legislation is heading, so don’t try to act like a terrorist when smoking behind a dumpster in a dirty alley with your hoodie pulled over your head.  If you look like you’re committing a crime, and it smells like you’re committing a crime, you probably are in the public's eyes.  So play it cool, know that you’re not a menace to society, and be casual.

Keep the image of smoking in public respectable and hold yourself high (pun intended) with self-respect and dignity.  If you’re smoking a blunt in public, or a joint, dispose of it responsibly so you don’t set half of California on fire, keep the streets clean and don’t litter as that will just be another charge to stack on you. Contain that roach properly before disposal to prevent shared trash cans from smelling like purple kush for the rest of the day.

It’s good practice to use a hitter box, so you can smoke almost anywhere and appear to others as if you were smoking tobacco.  This eliminates the need to rush a lit joint or blunt till the end.  No need to worry about smelly hands or disposal, all while still getting the full strength of your favorite strain of weed rather than some mystery concoction of oil.

How to Smoke Weed in Public and Not Get Caught

There are numerous sneaky ways to smoke weed, but smoking in the car, and especially while operating one is the polar opposite of how you should be smoking weed outside.  

Edibles can be a very incognito route for obtaining a high, but you'll see shortly why that can be less than ideal when it comes to being out in public and flying under the radar.

Don't Smoke Cannabis in Your Car

Your car is the number one spot to get busted by cops because it will most definitely wreak of ganja along with your hair and clothes basking in clouds, billowing out of your windows attracting unwanted attention.  Don’t turn your car into a literal smoke signal.  

Not only will you get fined for smoking weed in public, but you will most definitely get a DUI.  DUI’s do not just apply to alcohol.  Driving high, or even sitting in your vehicle on public property can still warrant a DUI charge on your record at a hefty price, and some serious jail time and fines if someone is injured in an accident.

No amount of hand sanitizer or scented spray will help you if you hotbox in a car.  So just avoid using your car as an ashtray at all costs, unless you enjoy smelling like a walking weed scented candle for the rest of the day. 

Ingesting Edibles in Public

Everyone’s heard of at least one embarrassing edibles story, like that one friend (or yourself) that ingested too much of that mysterious concentrated brownie or gummy bear.  The high delayed hitting so they ate more, and later hit them all at once full force, getting them sick or making them act foolish.

Ingesting edibles is cool if you know the dose, your tolerance, and how it affects you, which most people rarely do.  Your metabolism rate, along with a slew of variables like sleep, mood, food in your stomach, hydration, and activation time, all affect the quality of your high.  

Unfortunately, the unpredictable nature of edibles makes it less than ideal when it comes to getting a controlled high in public.  All of these unknown variables can hit you hard unexpectedly and at the worst possible time in public.  

This usually is followed by an onslaught of paranoia, anxiety, and sometimes a total meltdown panic attack.  The last thing you want to do is look high as a kite in public.  The positive is you don’t have to worry about smell or blowing clouds in public, but this is probably the least organic and most volatile way of enjoying a high in public.  

If you enjoy edibles, it’s usually best to do so starting off in the comfort of your home, and avoiding using heavy machinery.


2020 has passed (finally!) but the pandemic hasn’t, so knowing how to smoke weed in public is not only essential to your well-being, but to others as well.  Continue safe practices in smoking as you would in any other situation these days when being out in public.  

Keep practicing good hygiene by washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizer.  Avoid passing blunts and joints and swapping spit in crowded circles.  

Practice social distancing, which also helps to avoid unwanted attention when smoking weed outside.  Smoke like a pro and keep the community safe at the same time, while promoting good culture and helping the fight against COVID.  

Let the new year of 2021 be filled with progress, safety, a positive image, and high times to come for the cannabis culture.

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