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3 of the Best Smell Proof Containers for Weed that You Will Find Today

smell proof container

We can all agree that finding the best smell proof containers for weed is important for keeping your stash discreet.

Cannabis has a strong smell, and sometimes you need a marijuana canister that will keep the world from knowing what you’ve got on you. When stealth or discretion is important, the right smell proof container for weed can make all the difference.

marijuana smell proof container

Whether you need a tiny, stealthy smell proof container for weed or large odor proof containers for home use, you’ll find everything you need out of a weed canister below.

Why the DART Is the Best Marijuana Smell Proof Container in the Industry

If you’re looking for a good weed canister, the DART aluminum canisters are a revolutionary product that was built for the modern day cannabis smoker. They’re not only smell-proof but also airtight.

That helps keep your bud fresh even if you don’t mind the smell. Their top-quality aircraft anodized aluminum and rubber ring construction are the best methods for an airtight case for weed. 

When air can’t escape, neither can the smell. That’s excellent for stealth. The best no smell weed containers come in several sizes, so you can take small smell proof weed jars with you on the go.

Meanwhile, you can keep larger jars at home without the risk of your roommates sniffing out your stash. Even the largest sizes are still travel-sized and convenient, though, so you don’t have to worry about hiding or transporting your favorite strains discreetly.

Best Small Weed Smell Proof Container: Perfect for On-the-Go Use

If true stealth is your goal, your top priorities for a cannabis hiding container should be small size and smell-proof construction. When you’re out and about and want to take a personal amount of your favorite strain, you can turn to your DART Standard Canister.

smell proof containers

Why? Four reasons:

  • This small smell-proof container is super light-weight, less than two inches tall, and comes with a keyring, so it’s perfect to hang off your keys and you never have to worry about losing it. 
  • The airtight rubber seal is excellent at keeping the container completely smell-proof. 
  • It stores up to 3.5 grams of weed, so you can bring plenty of your favorite strain with you—up to 100 hits on your DART one-hitter.
  • It is made of Anodized Aluminum metal so it is of top quality material and damage resistant.

If you want something that feels genuinely heavy-duty without being bulky, you can also look at the DART Premium Canister. It’s waterproof and airtight and made of serious stainless steel, so it will keep your stash safe no matter what. Learn the most efficient way to smoke marijuana.

If these odorless weed canisters are a little small for your need, you can always look at a larger size like the next model.

Best Large Smell Proof Weed Containers with Multi Strain Compartments

What if you need a marijuana canister that can store multiple strains at once? Or maybe you just want an odorless weed storage solution that can hold bud for all your friends. A go-to smell proof container for larger amounts is the DART Model III, a sleek and sophisticated three tier canister that lets you customize a personal mix however you want.

This marijuana canister is a convenient stack of three individual units. Each storage compartment can hold up to 60 DART hits, and the whole container holds 180. That’s an entire total of 5 grams of cannabis. It’s just over three inches tall, so it won’t attract attention if you keep it on your keychain or in your pocket. You can even leave one or two of the three sections at home if you’re going super stealth.

smell proof container for weed

People also love the DART Premium Model III. It’s the best solution around for taking as much weed with you as possible without worrying about the smell or attracting attention. The stainless steel feels great in the hand and you don’t have to worry about the weather affecting the bud. Best of all, you can bring all three of your favorite strains with you in less space than it takes to store a phone.

Complete All-in-One Stealth Smoking Solution: Smell Proof Container, Travel Case, and One Hitter

Do you want it all? Of course, you do! That’s why the DART Carry Case set is so great. It comes with everything you need to bring your weed wherever you want. 

How awesome is this set? It comes with one of DART’s excellent canisters, a DART one-hitter, and a portable case that keeps everything perfectly organized. Using the DART and the canisters together is probably the smoothest smoking experience ever.

You can store ground weed in the canister, which is perfectly designed to mesh with the DART itself. The one-hitter has a unique beveled edge that fits inside the canister. All you need to do is put the beveled end in the open canister, push and twist, and the one-hitter packs itself.

Then you take the hit, press the eject button on the DART, and the ash disappears. You can slip the one hitter and canister back into the case, stick it in the pocket, and enjoy the buzz anywhere in less than a minute without the tell-tale weed smell. If you’re an on-the-go smoker looking to stay discreet, it’s the perfect system.

Why You Need an Odor Proof Container for Marijuana


Odor proof marijuana canisters have two huge benefits. They keep it fresh and they keep it stealth.

A Cannabis Smell Proof Container Keeps Your Buds Fresh


Marijuana’s one major flaw is that it can go bad. A genuine airtight case for weed can keep your bud fresh even if you need to store it for a while. Exposure to air and light are the two biggest factors that make marijuana spoil, so keeping those away from your stash will help it last longer. 

Those same airtight, light proof, smell proof conditions are perfect for curing weed. Not only do these canisters protect your bud, but they also make it better.

Weed Canisters are Perfect for Stealth Smoking

You’ve definitely walked down the street and identified a fellow smoker just by their smell. If you want to stay stealthy while smoking, using no smell weed containers is just about the best thing you can do for yourself.

The Bottom Line When You Need a Weed Container


When you’re looking for the best smell-proof containers for weed, DART has you covered. Their scent-proof containers are perfect for keeping your bud fresh and your smoking stealthy. Whether you need something tiny and discreet or you want a larger marijuana smell-proof container for storage, DART has the solution you need.





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