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2022 Best Weed Containers & Storage

Our sleek Weed Containers provide smell-proof storage with quick access to pair with DARTs, Accessories, and Stash Bags. See our SPECIAL DEALS for our newest offers!  Check out our air tight weed containers and how to stash your stash the right way!  (Sroll down)

The Best Weed Containers

Keeping your weed safe and dry is priority #1 for cannabis lovers. Okay, call it priority #2 after having a ready supply. Whatever. It's important ‚Äď regular contact with air lowers its quality and ruins a good time.

Discreet transportation is also essential when you're on the move. We celebrate that cannabis is now legal in many locations, but not everyone is so happy. Some of those people are our relatives and employers. Discretion is advised.

Our guide covers the best weed containers today so that you can safely and privately transport your herbs. Many of these models have additional perks ‚Äď we'll cover those along the way. Let's get to it.

1. DART Premium Model III

The DART Premium Model III is pretty much the ultimate weed canister. It's got everything you'd want and more. By this, we mean that it's got three separate compartments, meaning that you can carry three different strains on you. This means you'll always have access to the perfect strain for any occasion.

Visiting home and seeing friends at the same time? Take a gentle strain to unwind in the evenings, and carry a couple of favorites to show your cannabis-loving friends. The case is made of high-quality metal, giving it a satisfying weight and keeping your herbs tightly sealed away. They're protected not just from oxidation but from mixing ‚Äď the last thing you want when you're transporting a premium product.

Your gear is easily accessible using this container ‚Äď there's no messing about trying to get a couple of buds out and then finding your whole supply falls out with it. It also transports alongside the DART Plus and your favorite pens in the brand's well-designed carry case. It's convenient, it's discreet, it's easy to use, and it looks and feels great. Get yours today.

2. DART XL Canister

It doesn't get better than the DART XL Canister for seasoned enthusiasts and those who know their favorite strain and want plenty of it. This big boy holds 7g total and carries an airtight seal to eliminate the risk of smells escaping. It's made of top-quality stainless steel, which is a further advantage when minimizing odors ‚Äď steel doesn't hold smells.

With the DART XL weed canister, sharing is caring. This is a great choice when visiting friends; it ensures plenty for everyone but means you don't have to transport your gear in a flimsy Ziploc bag. It also just looks super-cool ‚Äď we cannabis lovers take pride in our apparel, and weed containers are no exception. Your friends will want to know where you got this, and the DART store is a treasure trove.

A must-have for big-time weed fans.

3. DART Premium Canister

The DART Premium Canister is slick and stylish, available in 3 colors:

  • Gold

  • Rose gold

  • Silver

It carries 3.5g of product and weighs just 50g, making it a perfect choice for discreet transportation. It's made from top-quality stainless steel and is virtually indestructible. This helps you keep your weed safe when you're traveling; ever got out of your car and realized you've completely squashed your bag? Or worse, that you've cracked a sub-par container? That'll never be a worry again with DART Premium weed containers.

They also retail for a very reasonable price compared to most high-end canisters. The variety of designs makes this weed container an excellent gift for a friend, but admit it ‚Äď you want one too. Get both!

4. DART Model III

The DART Model III is a super-lightweight choice that lets you transport multiple strains securely. It's one of the most discreet weed containers on the market and is made from a high-quality, durable aluminum alloy to lower the weight while offering superb protection.

You can distribute 5g between the three sections, making it an excellent choice if you're taking some product round to a friend's place for a tasting session. It weighs just 36g, so it's ideal as an everyday weed container that doesn't weigh your pockets down too much.

It retails at an incredibly low price, given its versatility and high-end design. You need one in your inventory.

5. DART Standard Canister

The anodized aluminum shell on this affordable container is durable and doesn't hold smells, making it a great choice as a discreet weed canister. It can hold 3.5g of product and weighs just 11g, so you'll barely notice it's there. It also comes with a keyring attachment ‚Äď this is the ultimate in simple, safe, everyday weed transportation.

It barely costs anything and is well worth having alongside your premium containers for special occasions and bulk transportation. If you've noticed your weed-loving friends complaining about their weed getting squashed, oxidized, or otherwise damaged in transit, give them the Santa Claus treatment: distribute a round of DART standard canisters to the team.

It's a kind gesture, it'll be a game-changer for them, and most importantly, it means you won't have to feel your heart sink as your friend pulls a squashed bag of bud out of their back pocket. It's the cannabis equivalent of offering someone a warm beer: you have the solution. Shop the DART store now.

Best Types of Weed Canister

Choosing a weed container depends on your needs. You might not want to take a chunky XL container to your workplace, but you don't want to show up for a heavy night with just a gram or two in a keyring container. Here's how to choose.

Large Containers

XL containers are best if you know what you like and want some around at all times. They're great for everyday storage and keeping around the home. They're more effective odor insulators than bags, and they never get squashed ‚Äď an essential for the frequent cannabis enjoyer.

Multi-Storage Containers

These are great for sampling. If you want to showcase a few different strains to a friend, you can keep your selection separate and easily accessible with a multi-compartment container.

They're also perfect for enjoying weed on the move. Different strains suit different occasions, and now you can have them all safely stored in one place.

Discreet Containers

These tend to be small and easy to conceal. They'll often have attachments for a keyring so you can keep them in your pocket or bag. Discreet canisters are lightweight and store less than other containers, but they're a must-have if you want to enjoy weed on the move.

What Makes a Good Weed Container?

Here's what you should look for when shopping for weed containers.


A silicone seal is the best way to ensure an airtight lock on your container. This prevents odors from escaping (never ideal), but more importantly, it protects your weed from oxidization and drying out. An airtight seal is essential.

Reasonable Size

Think of what you're using your container for and where you're taking it. Most of us don't need a mason jar to transport an acceptable amount of product ‚Äď a 7g container holds plenty for a good evening and can be transported without attracting attention.

Easy to Clean

Good canisters are easy to wash out without worrying about lingering water droplets. Cleaning is essential to preserve the integrity of the strain. You don't want the dust of 40 different types mixing in with an exciting new haze variant.

The outside should also wipe clean easily, keeping your canister looking nice!


Weed containers that fit in your pocket should easily resist your body's weight without denting or deforming. Stainless steel is best for this, with high-quality aluminum alloys being another great option. 


Choose a weed container that lets you easily access your supply without risking spillages. Some discrete containers are pencil-thin, making it too difficult to get to the good stuff.

Bonus tip: avoid packing the bud too tightly into the canister. Consider upgrading to an XL model if you find that your regular-sized container doesn't fit as much as you like without it spilling when you open it. 

Shop Our Premium Weed Containers Today!

The range of weed containers you'll find at the DART store is simply the best in the business. Protect your bud, stay discreet, and appreciate the gorgeous aesthetics of these top-of-the-range canisters when you make your purchase. Shop our weed containers today and find yours.


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