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Best Smell Proof Containers & Weed Storage in 2022

Our sleek Best Smell Proof Containers Storage provide smell-proof storage with quick access to pair with DARTs, Accessories, and Stash Bags. See our SPECIAL DEALS for our newest offers!

Simply The Best Smell Proof Containers for Weed

Looking for smell proof weed containers? Check.

Looking for a sleek, machined design that protects your bud without leaking odors? Check.

Looking for affordable weed canisters with a handy guide for storing your stash safely? Check – and read on below.

The Dart Store offers the best weed containers, accessories, and storage units. They're the perfect companions to our proprietary DARTs and just as beautifully designed.

No more lingering smell of pot when you reach into your pocket. No more compacted, ruined bud, thanks to squashed baggies. Only convenience, security, and a design that will have your friends asking where they can buy theirs.

Shop the Dart Co store today and discover our full range of airtight containers for weed!

Never let your bud dry out again. These discreet containers protect your weed in transit and are engineered to minimize the risk of leaking smells. As the saying goes, keep it secret – keep it safe. Here is more on each product:

Dart Standard Canister

If you're looking for the most durable, affordable airtight weed containers, you can't get better than the Dart Standard Canister. It costs just a few dollars and offers 3.5g of storage space, so it's perfect for carrying around with you on a day trip. It also has a handy keyring attachment – your very own pocket rocket.

It's made of tough, anodized aluminum, keeping the weight down and the strength high. You'll never need to worry about denting or cracking airtight containers for weed again, as it can handle being sat on or squashed without complaint. Its tight rubber seal offers excellent smell protection, and it's so easy to top up your DART with this canister.

It also comes in numerous color options, giving it excellent gift potential. Making small improvements in our friends' lives is what we're all about! Check out the selection and buy yours now!

Dart Premium Canister

Top of our list is the Dart Premium Canister. It's made from high-quality stainless steel and has been professionally machined to provide total protection for your stash. The steel offers a reassuring weight without dragging your pocket down and ensures there's no risk of the container cracking or squashing your product when you sit down.

Its durability is matched by its gorgeous appearance. The Dart Premium Canister is available in three finishes – gold, silver, and rose gold. This makes it a great gift, as there are color options to fit any aesthetic.

It's super-easy to access your bud using your DART. The canister's size has been designed perfectly for easy access with minimal risk of spillages. It's discreet, it's efficient, and it guarantees you'll always have access to the freshest product.

This is one of the best airtight containers for weed out there. It's got everything you need – buy yours today.

Dart Premium Model III

The Dart Premium Model III is the next generation of premium smell proof weed container. The Premium Model III has multiple sections to store different types of herb making it a super versatile storage device.

The Premium Model III has elegance and versatility with a heavy metal curved top that feels strong and sturdy as you open and close it. With this model you can also just use one of the sections and leave the others off. It gives the user complete control of their weed storage.

Dart XL Canister

This canister is all about volume. It comfortably holds up to 7g of bud, so there's no risk of you running out throughout the day. It's perfect for trips away where you need to keep your stash concealed but accessible.

The machined stainless steel ensures that your bud is always safe – gone are the days of having to use “overflow” baggies to transport extra gear. There's room for a full stash in the Dart XL Canister; it's one of our top airtight weed containers, and it'll quickly become one of your best friends.

Silicone seals offer incredible smell protection. This is one of the main hazards of transporting larger volumes of weed, but it's easy to top up your DART pen without spillages and reseal the canister tight! Stainless steel is also great for smell protection, as it doesn't hold onto odors.

It also fits snugly into the discreet Dart carry case! This makes it easy to securely transport your stash without anyone asking questions. Make it yours.

Best Travel Storage for Airtight Weed Containers

Sometimes you need an extra layer of invisibility for your gear. The travel storage containers below look 100% innocuous while holding your airtight weed containers alongside your DART and other accessories.

Dart Travel Bag

Keep all your cannabis apparel in one place with the Dart Travel Bag. It's plain black and very discreet. It offers extra odor protection with three odor-proof zippers, and the bag's material is lined with activated carbon to minimize leakage.

This is the ultimate in weed storage and protection. Add it to your cart now!

Dart Carry Case

This discrete case has a tough exterior to prevent it from getting squashed and can carry your DART pen, your airtight weed containers, and additional accessories. It's perfect for tucking into a handbag or storing in your car's glove compartment and allows you immediate access to your stash. Its elastic pocket also prevents items from moving about.

Combine it with your best airtight containers for weed for total discretion and protection! Buy yours today.

Dart Zipper Pouch

The Dart Zipper Pouch is affordable, sleek, and pocket-sized. The pouch is made of high-quality synthetic leather that resists odors, making it ideal for pocket storage.

The zipper seals tightly to minimize the risk of leaking odors, and the case has multiple layers of activated carbon. It's one of the best airtight containers for weed if you're looking for affordable, everyday solutions that still look stylish!

Buy yours today.

Choosing the Best Smell Proof Weed Storage

What defines the best bud canisters? Convenience. Odor-proof design. Protection against dryness and squashing. These are the questions you need to ask yourself when buying airtight weed containers.

Can you smell the weed?

Perhaps the most important consideration – does everyone around you know that you're transporting pot? Does your hand come out of your pocket with a hazy aroma when you go to get your car keys?

Discretion is important. Sometimes it's just people we'd rather not talk to about our favorite herbs, like our parents or bosses. Sometimes it's essential protection, such as if you're driving cross-country and you pass through a state where cannabis isn't legal.

Say you get pulled over for speeding; it's best if your license doesn't smell like bud. It's best if your license doesn't smell like anything at all, to be fair.

The Dart canisters and storage pouches all prioritize odor-proofing above all else. They're among the best airtight containers for weed for a good reason.

How much can you store?

Size matters. Sometimes you need more, and sometimes bringing a big stash would be pointless. The best option is to use multiple containers for different purposes.

Use the Dart XL Canister for trips when you know you'll need plenty. Switch to the Dart Premium Canister for keeping your daily stash around, or keep the Standard Canister on your keychain for ultra-easy access.

Is it discrete?

Dart canisters are beautifully designed, but they're also unobtrusive. We're not in high school anymore – there's nothing fun or edgy about pulling out a squashed little baggy with a cannabis leaf printed on it.

If someone sees a little keyring canister attached to your keys when they're lying on a table, they shouldn't think twice. It could be anything. That's the way we like it.

Does it protect your bud?

Shells made from machined stainless steel or anodized aluminum offer amazing protection when they're in your pocket or bag. There's no risk of cracking, squashing or leaking. This keeps your bud fresh and ensures you'll always enjoy the best smoking experience.

Is it easy to clean?

The best airtight containers for weed should be easy to clean between uses. Dart canisters are easy to wash out, preventing old, gnarly leaves from mixing in with your fresh top-up.

Can you get to your weed easily?

Easy access is always a priority. You don't want spillages, and you don't want to struggle.

Dart canisters are specifically designed for topping up your DART pen quickly, efficiently, and without spillages. They're the ultimate practical storage devices – shop the range now.


Let's round up by answering some common questions about airtight weed containers.

Are mason jars airtight for weed?

Mason jars are great containers for large volumes of weed. They're also best for home use – do you want to carry around a mason jar in your bag? They're just too clunky for on-the-move weed storage. That's where discretion matters most, so we'd always recommend the range of portable Dart canisters.

Where do you store weed so it doesn't smell?

Dart canisters are made from machined steel and use powerful silicone or rubber seals to prevent odors from leaking. They're the #1 option for storing weed without kicking up a stink.

Are ziplock bags smell-proof?

Not exactly. Ziplocks theoretically seal off all air, but the seal isn't very reliable. They don't protect your product from dryness, they leak odors, and they are easy to squash.

We're past the days when baggies were considered efficient storage containers for your bud. Dart canisters are affordable, reusable, and offer much better protection.

Should you keep weed in plastic?

There's a lot of debate about the best materials for weed storage. Glass is often preferred for long-term storage, but plastic and metal are more reliable if you're traveling. Glass carries a much greater risk of breaking.

A metal exterior like the Dart canisters' stainless steel shells is the best way to protect your weed.

Shop the Dart Co Store Today!

Protect your bud at all times! Enjoy your favorite herbs while on the move, keep your stash discreet and fresh, and store your gear conveniently with a bespoke carry case.

Discover the range of airtight containers for weed in our store! Shop the Dart Co now!

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