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The Only Weed Travel Kit a Stoner Needs in 2021

The Only Weed Travel Kit a Stoner Needs in 2021

A weed travel kit is the perfect solution for those who are looking for an organized place to store all their 420 needs and goodies. 

Whether you admit it or not, everyone has experienced the common mistake of forgetting important cannabis items at home when they are on-the-go.

You take a look at your checklist — weed, a grinder, rolling papers, a lighter — and something is missing. Maybe you left it at home. Or maybe it got misplaced somewhere in your bag. 

weed travel kit

Enter the DART marijuana travel kit. A 420 travel pouch that lets you carry around all the essentials you need at all times.

The best way to travel with weed is not with blunts and rolling papers. Use a one-hitter that is built for on-the-go travel. A 420 travel kit gives you everything you need to smoke anywhere at any time if the need calls.

The right stoner travel kit can also keep your essentials protected, discrete, fresh, and odor-free when you’re on the go (or stashing your gear at home).

That being said, not all weed travel kits are created equal. Let’s explore everything you need to know about finding the best smoker’s travel kit on the market today.

DART Stoner Travel Kit to Spark Your Journey 

A stoner travel kit that is actually equipped for travel and on-the-go cannabis smoking is hard to find these days. 

There is nothing efficient about a glass pipe where you must grind your weed, load the pipe by hand, light it, and bang out the ash. 

The DART’s unique marijuana travel kit is equipped with a smell proof canister with grounded weed, and a sleek and stealthy weed pipe with beveled edges.

So it doesn't matter where you are, you simply just pop the top on your cannabis jar, use the beveled edges to scoop your cannabis, smoke, and press the button to eject your ash. You can smoke your weed in under 60 seconds!

stoner travel kit

Whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been doing this for years, a premium marijuana travel kit like the DARTS is a must-have for any daily smoker. A discreet travel pouch lets you bring everything with you on the go, so you never find yourself without the smoking essentials you need.

There are a lot of different smoker travel kits on the market these days, but not all will have everything you need. Others might not be portable or fully smell-proof making it hard to carry around discreetly.

The best travel stash should most importantly use the best cannabis containers for weed (smell proof). The DART’s weed travel kit includes all the following essential items:

    • Grinder. No matter how you enjoy your weed, you’ll need a grinder to pack your favorite strains. A grinder lets you create freshly ground, potent weed that you can use whenever you want. 
    • One-Hitter‌. A one-hitter pipe is a must-have for anyone looking for something portable and convenient. It’s small, quick, and easily preserves your stash. Avoid rolling papers.
    • Canister. You’ll need an airtight, durable container to keep your flower fresh. It should also be compact and odor-proof so it doesn't draw unwanted attention. 
  • Weed Storage Bag: With your cannabis in a smell proof cannister you then want to place all your accessories in a weed storage bag for extra odor control and easy accessibility. 
  • To simplify your smoking routine, let's break down some of the benefits of the best all-in-one cannabis kit. 

    DART Weed Travel Kit — The Perfect Premium Pouch

    If you’re like most weed enthusiasts, your weed essentials are some of the first things you pack in the morning (after your keys and wallet).

    But, instead of throwing all your cannabis smoking accessories into the bottom of your backpack or stuffing them in a pocket, a stoner travel kit offers a place to organize your top-quality smoking essentials. 

    The DART's weed travel case is one of the few great options on the market. To help you keep your weed accessories in order, the smell-proof pouch includes a high-end grinder, your choice of one of three odorless canisters to store your flower, and the classic black DART one-hitter pipe for smoking on the go.

    You shouldn't need to stress so much about having all your weed accessories on hand just to enjoy an on-the-go high. 

    Whether you’re heading to the beach or hanging out with friends after work, this weed travel kit keeps everything you'll need in one place so you don't need to worry about it. 

    Marijuana Travel Kit: An All in One Solution For Every Occasion 

    One of the best (and most underrated) benefits of a marijuana travel kit is how discreet it can be. While it’s convenient to carry everything with you at all times, it’s also important to be subtle about your smoking habits. 

    A weed travel kit makes the ultimate purchase for any avid stoner, letting you carry your stash with you in a sleek, portable, and completely discreet weed storage bag that will look like any other bag. 

    The DART's premium pouch is made of activated charcoal, making it both smell-proof and stylish. Anyone who spots it will think of it as just another personal item.

    You can choose a larger canister size depending on how much flower you expect to want when you're out, and the grinder ensures you're always ready to load your weed pipe for fast and efficient smoking.

    The DART one-hitter pipe itself is also compact, making it great for subtlety. All together, the starter kit will make sure you can always enjoy a high without drawing attention while you’re out. 

    The Best Way to Travel With Weed

    The weed travel kit isn’t just functional and smell-proof. It’s also a sleek and stylish way to carry all your essential weed gear with you. 

    Protecting your stash and yourself is important when traveling with cannabis. Using DART’s weed travel kit is hands down the best way to travel with weed in 2021.

    As an explorer you need to make sure your stash is odor-proof and organized efficiently.

    Not only that, DART's smoker’s travel kit comprises some of the most efficient smoking tools for travelers.

    If you are traveling with cannabis you will need a weed pipe that is stealth and smokes fast on-the-go. Check!

    You will need a storage container for your weed that blends in and is air tight and smell-proof. Check!

    Last but not least you will need a cannabis pouch that looks non-discrete to carry all these items and your lighter and grinder. Check!

    Using DART’s 420 travel kit is the most optimized way of traveling with marijuana.

    You can customize your weed accessories in a range of colorful and sophisticated options. The premium canister, lighter, and DART are available in gold, rose gold, or silver. Make a statement with one of these classy, timeless sets that come in your choice of a smell-proof pouch or a regular carry case. 

    Traveling With Cannabis

    There are many reasons you may be traveling with weed in 2021. More and more states are legalizing cannabis and sometimes while it may not be legal to travel across state lines, we understand it’s not practical to throw your marijuana out at any state line only to repurchase at the nearest dispensary.

    If you are traveling with marijuana it’s best to research what state you are going through and also take note whether you will be travelling by train, car, or airplane. 

    Traveling With Weed On a Airplane

    Traveling with cannabis by airplane is actually a federal crime. So while we don’t recommend it we do understand sometimes you may still have your reasons and are sticking to it. The first thing to know is never to fly with large amounts of cannabis. When traveling with weed on an airplane you may want to try using THC vapes (also known as carts) or edibles. This is the safest option. 

    The DART weed travel kit is a great option but we recommend you leave the grinder at home and only travel with the canister and pipe in your pouch. Only use a weed travel kit if you are travelling to a state where marijuana is legal.

    Traveling with Cannabis by Car

    Traveling with weed by automobile you are subject to much less risk. Use the DART stoner travel kit and you will be good to go. Place the smell proof canister on your keychain and it will blend right in. Place the pouch with your extra stash and grinder in the trunk hidden with all your other luggage and you can keep the weed pipe in a discreet location like your purse or glove department.

    Just be careful when you cross state lines into a state where cannabis is illegal. Using a smokers travel kit and leaving the items well hidden should be enough to get you to where you are going with no issues. If you are hotboxing the car and cranking the music, you are asking for legal issues.

    Traveling with Marijuana by Bus or Train

    If you are traveling with cannabis by bus or train you want to first see if you are crossing through states where cannabis is illegal. We do not recommend doing this so proceed at your own risk. 

    Buses and a train are loaded with people and there is no screening for marijuana. So using a weed travel kit such as The DART’s 420 travel stash you will be in great hands. Just take your smoker travel kit and hide it in the depths of your luggage.

    Once you get to where you are going you should wait until you get to the destination before smoking.

    Bottom Line‌

    Smoking weed should be an act of relaxation, not an exercise in scrambling through your pockets or the bottom of your bag to find all your tools — just to realize you left your grinder at home.

    If you are an avid explorer and you are traveling with cannabis you want to make sure you do it with the most efficient equipment and caution. A stoner travel kit is essential along with a discreet travel pouch and a smell proof cannabis container.

    The DART weed travel kit is the perfect accessory for any daily smoker who wants to organize their stash. More than just style, subtlety, and convenience, it offers some peace of mind.

    Traveling with weed doesn’t have to be daunting if you have the perfect marijuana travel kit.

    Looking for more ways to simplify and elevate your smoking experience? Take a look at our shop to see what we have to offer.

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