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How to Smoke a Weed Pipe – The Ultimate Guide

How to Smoke a Weed Pipe – The Ultimate Guide

When you’re looking for the fastest way to feel the effects of your favorite cannabis strains, smoking is arguably the best option. 

If you don’t want to roll joints, or consume edibles, a weed pipe is a quick, easy and enjoyable alternative. 

However, not all weed pipes are made equal. 

Weed Pipe

Here, we’re going to introduce you to The Dart, the best way to smoke weed, how to smoke weed in under 15 seconds, and how to pack your pipe for the best results.

With this ultimate guide, you’ll be packing your marijuana pipe and taking hits so fast that no one will ever know it was you. 

A Metal Pipe for Weed that Smokes in Under 15 Seconds

As a cannabis smoker, you have several options. The best way to smoke marijuana, though, is The Dart metal pipe for weed. 

From packing to ashing, the entire process takes only 15 seconds. The pipe, made from anodized aluminum (so you don’t have to worry about overheating!), features a simple, sleek design that’s both stylish and super easy to use. 

It’s the ideal option for on-the-go smokers who need a quick, discreet way to take a hit, whether they’re taking a stroll through the woods, hanging out with friends, or just relaxing at home.

3 Easy Steps for Smoking a Weed Pipe

One of the best features of The Dart is that it’s so simple. You only need to follow three steps to learn how to smoke weed out of a pipe. 

Metal Pipe for Weed

Step 1: Grind Your Bud

The first thing you’ll need to do is grind your bud. The most efficient way to do this is with an herb grinder

Pop your desired amount of flower in your grinder, secure the lid, and give it a few good twists. Alternatively, you can use your fingers, but this method is a bit messier.

One of the most critical factors to keep in mind when grinding cannabis for your marijuana pipe is consistency. 

You want your weed ground into small, even pieces (which is what makes a grinder such an essential tool in your smoking arsenal), but you don’t want it too fine. 

Too fine a grind will undermine your smoking experience, leaving you unsatisfied.

Step 2: Pack Your Marijuana Pipe

Your next step is to pack your metal pipe. How you do this matters just as much as the consistency of your weed. 

We’ll dive more into this in a bit, but packing your pipe too tight or too loose can significantly affect your hits and your smoke sesh as a whole. 

Getting it just right will make all the difference. 

It may take a bit of practice, but properly packing your weed pipe will allow for the smoothest, most enjoyable hits every time you light up. 

Step 3: Light Up and Smoke

After packing your marijuana pipe, you’re ready for the best part – taking your hit. Light the end filled with your ground weed with your lighter and inhale through the other side. 

Then, sit back, hold your smoke for a few seconds, exhale, and enjoy. 

With the regular Dart pipes, you pack just enough bud for a single hit. That provides several benefits. You avoid waste, and save money. 

You also don’t have to worry about what to do with any unspent weed when you want to tuck your pipe away. 

After taking your hit, you can quickly ash your bowl right into a trash can using the spring-loaded ash ejection mechanism. 

Then you can tuck it safely away in your pocket or carrying case. 

How to Pack a Pipe with Weed 

Learning how to pack a pipe does require a bit of patience and practice. Getting it right (and doing so consistently) is a critical component of a perfect smoke sesh. 

First, we’ll start with a common question: what is a bowl of weed? Then we’ll get into the two methods you can use to pack your Dart weed pipe. 

What Is a Bowl of Weed?

A bowl of weed is a term that refers to the part of the pipe filled with ground cannabis. The bowl itself is a feature on weed pipes, bongs, and other similar smoking devices. 

In some cases, it does, in fact, look like a small bowl. 

The bowl of The Dart, however, isn’t shaped in the same way. Instead, it’s the hollow end of the pipe. 

As we mentioned before, how you pack your bowl is just as essential as the consistency of your grind. If you stuff too much weed into it too tightly, airflow gets affected. 

You end up having to fight against your bud to get a full hit. 

Have you ever tried to suck up a piece of fruit or a tapioca pearl through a small straw? It’s kind of like that. 

On the other hand, you don’t want to pack your pipe too loose, either. If there’s too much airflow, you might accidentally find yourself inhaling bits of ground cannabis and ash. You only have to do that once to know how unpleasant it can be.

 A too light pack can also make smoking outdoors almost impossible. A gentle gust of wind can take off with some of your bud. 

As you can see, getting it just right matters. Here are two ways you can go about packing a Dart weed pipe.

Option 1: Stand Your Marijuana Pipe Up

The first way you can pack your Dart weed pipe is to stand it up vertically and pack it by hand. Take small amounts of your ground cannabis and load your bowl using your fingers. 

Don’t press down too hard or force too much in to avoid overstuffing and restricting airflow. 

Option 2: Push Your Pipe Down

The other method to load your weed pipe is to push the bowl end down into your ground bud and twist. The Dart’s bowl has a beveled edge, which allows your pipe to cut easily through your weed, making the process of packing your pipe a breeze. 

No matter how you choose to load your bowl, make sure you give it a test to ensure it’s not too loose. Then you’re ready to light up and enjoy your hit.

Keep Your Weed Pipe Clean for the Best Results

The best way to smoke marijuana is with a clean weed pipe. What makes the Dart such a great investment is that its spring-loaded ash ejection method reduces how often you need to clean your pipe. 

To ash your bowl, you only need to click the button at the end opposite your bowl. The process is quick, discreet, and mess-free. 

You won’t have to deal with banging your piece against a solid surface or the palm of your hand, methods that could risk damaging or breaking a glass weed pipe. 

They’re also more noticeable and can get your hands dirty. 

When you do need to clean your Dart weed pipe, disassembly is super quick and easy. All you have to do is unscrew the bowl end and pull out the pieces inside. Then, after you finish cleaning the components, the whole pipe goes back together just as fast. 


A weed pipe is one of the most efficient ways to smoke your favorite strains of cannabis, and The Dart metal pipe for weed makes the entire process even better. These weed pipes have a simple yet effective design that makes them the best way to smoke marijuana. You won’t find an easier or more discreet way to pack, smoke, and clean a pipe anywhere else on the market.

Are you ready to find your Dart? Check out our selection of products and find what best fits your unique style and needs. 

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