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How to Pack a One Hitter Properly

How to Pack a One Hitter Properly

How to pack a one hitter properly is a big concern when using the DART.

The DART is the best way to conserve flower. Whether you’re trying to get a quick hit in during this quarantine, or you’re just trying to make your weed last, microdosing marijuana with a one hitter is the way to go.

Understanding how one hitters work and knowing how to load your convenient pipe is going to make all the difference for you when smoking marijuana. In this article, you’ll become the expert on how to pack a one hitter properly.

Why is it important to pack a one hitter properly?

The importance of packing a chillum the right way is that it is going to make all the difference in how much flower you are able to conserve. Think of just shoving a pinched off bud into the DART one hitter and trying to light it up. Chances are you’re not saving weed like you planned.

Furthermore, if you load your one hitter properly you won’t get that undesired ash in your mouth.

If you’re using a one hitter, loading it properly is the most important part. No matter if you are trying to conserve flower or not.

Let’s be real. If you are choosing the DART, conserving your flower, especially during this pandemic, is probably one of the main reasons. But you wanna be sure you’re using it the right way to maximize all its benefits.

When you load up to sneak a toke, you can get more than just one hit out of it, if you load correctly. This is what we mean when we say maximize its benefits. 3-4 hits from a one hitter? Huge plus for the everyday toker.

How to pack a one hitter

how to pack a one hitter

With one hitters the common steps are:

  • Load the bowl
  • Smoke
  • Ash

Loading the bowl comes first and since we’ve established it’s the most important step, let’s break it down and dive right in.

how to pack a one hitter

Classic, easy steps to follow for packing a one hitter properly:

  1. Grind your marijuana in a grinder- this will ensure that you are staying discreet while smoking in public. Additionally, it will keep the consistency perfect for you.
  2. Use a separate canister to hold the ground up flower. This will keep also maintain the discreetness and gives you access to an easier load.
  3. Grab your one hitter and push the bowl end into the ground up weed and twist! Emphasis on the twist. When you twist you pack the weed tighter in the bowl and make room for more ground up cannabis to get in.
  4. Look at the packed one hitter and make sure it is as full as you want it. If you see some room in the bowl and you want to load more, get right to it! Just follow the same exact steps and you’re ready to smoke!

Just like that, you are an expert at loading a chillum!

How to pack a one hitter without a dugout

Since the DART is not your average one hitter, it only makes sense that it doesn’t load like the typical cigarette one hitter dugout you commonly see. The traditional one hitter has slide out that reveals your chillum and storage area.

The DART is more discreet and a little bit fancier than that. Using a canister to hold your ground up weed is perfect because it fits on your keychain.

To pack a one hitter without a dugout is the DART’s specialty. Follow the same steps as you would with a one hitter dugout. Just grind up your weed and keep it in your canister so it’s ready to go.

Once you notice you get more than just one hit from your chillum, you can pack accordingly. If all you want is just one hit, be mindful and don’t pack so tightly. Just be careful when you light up and pull so that you don’t suck the flower straight through to your throat.

Remember, when lighting a bowl, just a tap of the fire to the weed is enough to get it burning. Once, it’s burning, pull slow and smooth. A one hitter was meant for microdosing cannabis, you’re not hitting a bong so no need for a big inhale.


When you’re using a one hitter the most important step is loading the bowl. You will be glad to notice you’re just the right amount of high and your stash is stretched out compared to using other methods of smoking weed.

The DART is the best device for conserving flower and now that you know how to load a bowl properly, you’ll be pleased with your overall results.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about one hitter. Thanks for reading! Stay lit!


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