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most efficient way to smoke weed

Maximize Your High: The Most Efficient Ways to Smoke Weed in 2023

most efficient way to smoke weed

If you're looking for the most efficient way to smoke weed in 2023, you're not alone. With the financial crisis caused by Covid, many people are searching for ways to save money while still indulging in their favorite herb.

Luckily, there are many ways to smoke weed efficiently without sacrificing quality. In this article we will go over a few tips to help you maximize your high and save money.

Well I'm here to tell you as a conscious smoker myself, there is absolutely a way to smoke less, save money, and still get very high.

how to get higher with less weed

If you're a budget-conscious smoker, you know that the more efficiently you smoke marijuana, the longer you can go between purchasing it. Rolling an entire gram of weed in a blunt and smoking it to the head may be overkill, and can be a waste of both your herb and your money.

But fear not, my budget-conscious friends! There are many ways to smoke weed efficiently without sacrificing the high.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Smoke Weed?

There is a plethora of ways to smoke cannabis, but what is the most efficient way to smoke weed?

When it comes to the most efficient way to smoke marijuana only two devices come to mind: a one hitter and a dab rig.

Popular opinion is that dabbing is the most efficient way to get high. But we want to challenge this and set the record straight.

You must factor various components such as your tolerance and cost to smoke when deciding which is the best option for smoking weed efficiently.

what is the most efficient way to smoke weed

Let's take a look at what is the most efficient way to smoke pot:

A One Hitter is the Most Effective Way to Smoke Weed

Want to smoke your weed efficiently and save money? The secret to achieving both goals is all about tolerance control. By learning to not smoke more than you have to, you can lower your tolerance and save both bud and money.

One hitters are the greatest solution to maintaining a lower weed tolerance, which in turn allows you to smoke the least while still getting very high. And the best part? A one hitter is about $9 and can outlast a dab rig for years.

In fact, if you were to buy a one hitter instead of a dab rig, you could save an average of $350. That's money you could use to purchase an ounce of marijuana that you could microdose for months. Now that's smoking your weed efficiently!

When it comes to choosing the perfect one hitter, The DART is the best on the market. Made from aircraft aluminum, it won't overheat, and it disassembles in seconds for an effective clean. Plus, it's the only one hitter on the market with a click-to-ash function, making it even more efficient and easy to use.

So if you're looking to save money on smoking and lower your tolerance, give a one hitter like The DART a try. You'll be amazed at how little weed you need to achieve your desired high, and how much money you can save in the process.

most efficient way to smoke marijuana

Why a Dab Rig is Not the Most Efficient way to Smoke Marijuana

Purchasing a dab rig also means you have to purchase all the accessories, dab wand, carb cap, nail, and butane torch.

Not only that, it takes a ton of work to clean, so you may need to buy cleaning solutions.

Once you put up all the upfront costs, on average from $300-$500, it doesn't sound too efficient anymore on your wallet.

Next thing we want to get into is the actual concentrate itself. One gram can range from $60-$80 and has been known to last for about 2 weeks.

This may seem like a great saving solution, but everybody who dabs seems to forget about the most important factor when smoking your weed efficiently: tolerance.

Tolerance is the key to smoking efficiently with your cannabis. If for example, your tolerance is moderately low, and you were to smoke concentrates for a month, you now have destroyed your tolerance when smoking regular flower.

As an efficient smoker myself, I focus on keeping my tolerance as low as possible, so what gets me super high off of one hit in a blunt takes the next person the entire blunt.

Now let's get into how you combine the best tool for smoking cannabis efficiently and also the best method for smoking marijuana efficiently - combined together! If this is a bit over your head and it's your first time smoking cannabis then you are going to want to learn the basics first.

How to Get the Most Out of Weed - Microdosing a One Hitter

how to get the most out of weed

How to get the most out of your weed is a simple answer: microdose your cannabis with a one hitter!

But if you want to get the most out of your marijuana then you are going to have to learn what micro-dosing is. If you've never heard the term "micro-dose" before, let's break it down.

Microdosing your weed is one surefire way to get the most out of your weed and don't worry it's super easy. It's all about taking the smallest does possible and then increasing the dosage in small increments until you gain the necessary THC dosage to get high.

In laymens term: microdosing is about taking a small hit, waiting and then taking another small hit until you get the desired result, so you don't over smoke and raise your tolerance.

By taking smaller hits your able to smoke your perfect amount of weed and achieve your perfect high without over smoking and baking your tolerance. When microdosing, it is important to use a smell proof container for weed to keep buds fresher, longer!

Microdosing with a one hitter is the most efficient way to smoke weed!

Simply load your hitter box, smoke, ash. Wait 5 minutes. See how you feel and then repeat until desired effect is achieved! This ensures you don't smoke more marijuana than is needed. 

Using a one hitter, like The DART, makes microdosing easy and fun! With the genius click-to-ash function, cleanup is a breeze. Learn more on how to clean a one hitter. Plus, you can pretty much smoke weed anywhere, anytime since you won't be taking hits from an obvious joint, blunt, or bong.

Most Efficient Way to Get High - 4 Easy Tricks

Having smoked nearly my entire life, I've had my bouts of facing 3 blunts in one sesh and not getting as high as I would have liked. Why does this happen? It's definitely a high tolerance issue but there's a lot more to it than just that. Many people think in order to get more lit, you have to take a larger hit.

Let the debunking commence.

1. Avoid Larger Hits and Amounts of Marijuana

most cost efficient way to smoke weed

Common belief is that the larger the bowl, the more cannabis smoke, the higher you get. Wrong!

Our lungs have the capacity to hold 6 liters of air in one big breath. That's a large amount, yeah? But the key thing to remember here is that we actually aren't that efficient in absorbing oxygen.

If this were the case, we would breathe like whales taking one very large breath and not needing another one for quite some time. Opposite of whales, we take shorter, more frequent breaths, constantly.

This is because our lungs can only absorb roughly 5-6 ml of oxygen within 60 seconds. The same thing goes for when you inhale weed smoke. Your lungs are only able to absorb so much THC. The rest is basically wasted.

But I feel higher when I take a bigger hit and hold it in! Yeah! For a moment. This is simply because you are depriving your brain of oxygen. The effects are, you feel a head rush for a few moments and therefore, the mind f*ckery ensues.

Think about this. If you smoke a large bowl, and your friend smokes a one hitter with the same exact amount of weed as your bowl, your friend can keep smoking the one hitter throughout the day with that amount of marijuana.

This is because they are taking in smaller amounts of THC over a period of time compared to your big, quick hit. The body can only absorb so much THC with each inhalation.

2. Take a Smoke Free Marijuana Day Once A Week

If you can begin to practice smaller hits (microdosing), overtime, you'll see your tolerance effectively lowers and the amount of weed required for you to get high becomes less and less. You will no longer need to face a blunt to achieve your desired effect!

No matter what, if you are smoking every day even with a one hitter your tolerance will raise. This results in you having to smoke more weed which is contradictory to saving money and smoking weed. 

If you want to get higher with less weed, then your best bet is to take one day off a week or even just one day off every two weeks. This allows you to reset your tolerance. If you can't stand the thought of it then just take one day to smoke much less and be ok with a slight buzz.

3. Store Marijuana Properly

This may seem like a no-brainer but just in case you didn't realize the importance of storing weed properly, we want to fill you in on why it's so important.

When you leave weed sitting out, or not in an airtight sealed jar or can, your flower dries out. What happens when your cannabis is too dry? It burns quickly. Imagine trying to keep a fire going with a bunch of little dried up leaves. You fire won't last long.

Furthermore, dried out weed loses flavor, smell, and potency over time. Not very efficient. If you want to smoke efficiently, store your weed in an airtight, sealed jar, like a mason jar.

4. Purchase Premium Cannabis Deals

There is something to be said about spending more money for premium weed! Sure, you're paying a little more up front but you get what you pay for! When you purchase premium marijuana, the level of THC is significantly higher.

There are premium strains that have a whopping 35% THC! Compared to 10% THC, that is generally what you get from crappy bud.

The higher levels of THC allow for you to smoke a smaller amount. This can really aid in helping you consume less marijuana at one time. With such a high amount of THC, you simply won't need much!

The most efficient way to smoke marijuana and buy premium marijuana is look for the deals! Sign up for email list, visit happy hours at dispensaries, and never pay full price!


You're the expert on the most efficient way to smoke weed! If you don't already own The DART one hitter, it's time to get on that. In combination with some west coast premium cannabis, you'll be set for getting high efficiently. Always store your weed properly and practice lowering your tolerance. Save money while staying high!

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