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Microdosing Weed - Save Money and Get High With Less

Microdosing Weed - Save Money and Get High With Less

We can all agree that saving money, cannabis, and lowering your weed tolerance is a great thing, and with microdosing weed you can do that and so much more.

After smoking for over 14 years, I feared my days as a stoner were done because I could not handle the level of anxiety that started to come with it. Whether you are suffering from paranoia, not being able to get high anymore, or your tolerance is too low, microdosing marijuana may be the best solution for you.

microdosing weed

Until I was introduced to microdosing weed, I could not stay focused and my mind was always groggy. Once I was introduced to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) microdosing, I found that doing so allowed me to stay focused and have a clear mind. 

Here you will learn everything you need to know about what microdosing THC is, the benefits of microdosing weed, and the different ways to microdose cannabis. 

Not only that I will show you the ultimate tool that helped me lower my tolerance, save money, and conserve my weed more efficiently - without having to buy a pricey bong or bowl.

Microdosing THC - How I do It in Less than 30 seconds

Microdosing weed involves using smaller amounts of cannabis throughout your day, just enough to have you feeling good without any significant change in cognition. Dr. Dustin Sulak, a physician specializing in cannabis medicine says, high consumption of THC can become counterproductive, and actually bring on anxiety. I’m going to show you how microdosing changed my life and also the fastest and easiest way to learn how to do it.

How Microdosing THC Changed My Life

When I discovered microdosing marijuana, it changed my life forever. My anxiety levels were so bad that it was hard for me to function at work and be out in public. Not only that I tried to smoke more, but the stress increased and I was spending money that I just didn’t have.

Once I discovered microdosing THC my anxiety cleared up and not only that I was much sharper and focused at work. I was able to master my weed tolerance and began smoking only what I needed, saving me thousands of dollars a year on cannabis.

Microdosing cannabis can be a bit tricky to learn, but thankfully I was given an amazing tool that helped make the process so simple I was able to start that day. Keep reading to learn how I microdose weed quickly without ever having to measure my cannabis.

The Easiest Way to Microdose Weed 

microdosing thc

Sometimes smoking can become a chore. Adding microdosing on top of that and you are now grinding, packing, and having to measure and manage your intake. 

The DART is the ultimate solution for microdosing cannabis, as you store all your grinded weed in a smell proof container that you can place on your keychain for easy access

You then take your DART and insert the beveled edge bowl and twist it in the canister and you easily pick up a consistent .15 grams of weed (perfect microdosing dosage). 

This takes measurement out of the equation and all I have to do is twist and smoke. Once I’m done The DART has a click-to-ash function that makes cleaning seamless. All of this can be done in 30 seconds without ever having to even measure your cannabis, making The DART the ultimate microdosing weed pipe.

How to Microdose Weed in 3 easy steps.

Learning how to microdose weed is simple, but you want to make sure you have a tool that can measure with consistent precision every single time like the DART. Follow these three simple steps to learn how to microdose cannabis like a pro:

Step 1: Microdosing Marijuana Measurements

Getting the correct amount of weed is important to microdosing. Think of it like this: “What is measured is managed.” The first step in microdosing is to make sure the amount of cannabis you consume stays the same, each and every time. The DART solves this because it scoops the perfect amount of weed. By using a beveled edge bowl, it picks up a consistent .15 grams amount of marijuana each and every time.

Step 2: Smoke and Wait for the THC to Take Full Effect

One of the most important elements in microdosing THC is making sure you wait for the high to take full effect. After a few minutes of microdosing weed, you will know whether or not you can handle another toke and if that time comes, another quick and easy hit with the DART and you will be good to go. The goal of microdosing marijuana is to take small amounts until the desired result is achieved. 

Pro-tip:  Always log down how many hits you took each day so you know if your tolerance is beginning to build up. If it does, try taking a break for a day to reset your THC tolerance.

Step 3: Clear Your Device and Carry on With Your Day.

Click a button and boom, clear pipe and a clear mind. You're ready to take on the day's task. Microdosing cannabis has never been easier with the DART.

4 Benefits of Microdosing Weed That You May Not Know

Everyone is different, we will all experience things in life differently, this includes consuming weed depending on the lifestyle and needs of the person consuming. Some users may find that with microdosing THC, it helps with stress and anxiety while others find themselves becoming more productive and thinking with a clear mind. Some may even find that it helps with chronic pain and inflammation reduction. So here are just some of the benefits of microdosing cannabis that I have found to be beneficial, to not only me but many others. 

Microdosing Weed Can Help with Insomnia

A popular choice for many users who are experiencing insomnia, myself included. Microdosing THC can give you a relaxing, more natural sleep pattern without putting you in a state where you are feeling dizzy or confused.

Microdosing THC in Small Amounts Can Mitigate Nausea

In small doses of cannabis, it can help eliminate nausea. In chemotherapy studies, it shows that patients who consume marijuana have found relief, and if you are like me and have ever had that nauseous feeling after eating or drinking then you know that microdosing weed can definitely help with that. 

Microdosing Cannabis in Low Doses Can Help with Anxiety and Stress Levels

When dealing with stress and anxiety, it seems that cannabis can have two different effects. Meaning that in low doses (Microdosing THC can actually decrease your stress levels. While in higher doses it can actually do the opposite). Just remember that not everyone will have that same experience.

Not only can microdosing cannabis help with Insomnia, nausea, and anxiety. There are many other issues it can help with, here are a few:

  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Irritable bowel disorder (IBD)
  • Microdosing THC is Also Cost-effective

    Have you ever found yourself going through ridiculous amounts of weed, then wondering where it all went to and how it disappeared so fast? Microdosing weed can help eliminate that problem, less is more. The least amount of weed you are consuming means that you will have more to last you and more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

    Microdosing Marijuana, Concentrates, and Edibles

    There are different ways you can microdose weed, here I will break down the three most commonly used methods in which you can do so. Keep in mind that your experience will be different from the next person’s, but these are definitely the most effective ways to achieve that perfect high through microdosing.

    1. Microdose Weed by Dabbing or Vaping

    When microdosing cannabis this way you will want to use; wax, crumble, shatter, live rosin, resin, dab rig, concentrate rig, or wax rig. You can get a pretty accurate measurement this way.

    2. How to Microdose Cannabis by Smoking

    When microdosing THC your tool is one of the most integral parts and here are some options when choosing what is right for you. The Dart device, bongs, pipes, joints, small bowls. With the right tool this method can be the most effective way to go.

    3. Microdosing THC with Edibles Efficiently

    If you have the time to bake or cook then microdosing THC with; gummies, nerd ropes, tablets, brownies, and cooking with oils. This is more in line with the non-smokers and a good option.

    The History of Microdosing THC

    When talking about microdosing it is most likely associated with hallucinogens and other psychedelics. You are trying to achieve the benefits of whatever substance you are experimenting with, without experiencing a full trip or high. In this instance we are talking about microdosing marijuana.

    Familiarize Yourself with Microdosing THC

    Microdosing Cannabis is not a familiar term with everyone that consumes cannabis, but it comes with it's advantages. You can experience the benefits and joy of smoking without the intense hallucinatory effects. 

    So instead of consuming high amounts of THC, microdosing weed will allow you to smoke more throughout your day, but in smaller quantities. Something that I have found to be exceptionally better for me.

    Expert’s Opinions on Microdosing THC

    Most believe that microdosing weed can bring out the maximum benefits of weed consumption from just a minimal dose. You will find that your biggest challenge will be finding the right amount that works for you. As I said before, not everyone is the same and we all experience things differently. 

    Research shows that microdosing THC and CBD (Cannabidiol) can share similar applications. Sulak recommends that if you would like to try microdosing cannabis and CBD simultaneously then do so in a 1:1 ratio, starting with 1 mg of each. Maintain this dosage for a few days then increase both by 1 mg until you notice that your symptoms have been relieved.

    Microdosing Weed Final Thoughts

    This is just another option for users like myself who would rather experience the benefits of cannabis without getting super high, and while it doesn’t have the same outcome for everyone, I urge any and everyone to try microdosing cannabis for themselves. 

    Even a veteran smoker like myself can attest to the positive impact that Microdosing THC has had on our lives and with the right dose and right tools, you will simply enjoy your high more, save more and get high with less. 

    If you want to give microdosing marijuana a try, I personally recommend using the Dart as it is one of the easiest tools to get started with microdosing weed, and you don’t have to measure and manage and still get all the benefits of microdosing.

    Learn More from the Dart Co!

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