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The Dart One Hitter

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Best Discreet Smoking Device and Stealth Pipes - 2021

Hard times can often bring us to needing a stealth pipe for the times you want to sneak away and squeeze a smoking session in. 

Grandma's dinner tastes amazing, but it's even better when you can get high discreetly without the family knowing. Not everyone is blessed with a cool, toking granny. 

Sneak away on Thanksgiving Day with one of the best stealth pipes around, the Dart, and there will be no 420 disaster. 

stealth pipes

Authorities, grandparents, and even little kids are catching on to the old methods of stealth smoking. Most so-called secret weed-smoking methods are not fooling anyone. 

Let's get you a properly hidden pipe that does allow you to go incognito when smoking weed.  

In the next few sections, we'll fill you in on the best of all secret pipes, how to hide your discreet pipes, and where to get the perfect stealth pipe today.

The Sneakiest of All Secret Pipes

The Dart Company has figured it out with the greatest of all secret pipes, The Dart One Hitter.

Other secret smoke pipes and stealth bongs are going to be risky for multiple reasons, but mainly because they are not quick methods!

With the Dart, you can have an entire smoke session and get stoned in just a 30-second window. The quickness of the Dart allows you to squeeze in a toke at any break in the day. 

Discreetly remove ash and weed residue with the ingenious spring-loaded ash ejection system, getting rid of any evidence. 

Don't waste your time or money with other hidden pipes on the market. Get yourself the real deal when it comes to secret smoke pipes.

secret pipes

Try-Hard Secret Weed Pipes 

There have been many attempts by different secret weed pipe companies to make some new, ingenious weed smoking pipe for discreet smoking. But, these "hidden pipes" are just embarrassing.

Keep it simple when it comes to hidden pipes. Unfortunately, you are not fooling anyone with that hidden pipe necklace or hidden pipe bracelet. 

Here are some examples of try-hard secret weed pipes and why they are wack: 

The Hidden Pipe Belt Buckle

This one is clever, but in no way is this easily accessible. You're going to take forever pulling the hidden pipe out of the belt. 

The hidden pipe belt buckle does nothing to prevent the burnt weed smell that is always leftover. You would be walking around smelling like a straight ashtray. 

Props to the creator of the hidden pipe belt buckle, but the magnetic feature of keeping it together is problematic. 

Imagine wearing this belt and you accidentally knock the magnet pipe off of its holder right in front of some cops. I don't even want to deal with that, and I'm in a legal state. 

The Hidden Pipe Necklace

The hidden pipe necklace is a great idea in theory. But stealth pipe necklaces are the first hidden pipe spot any authority or ex-smoker is going to think of. 

The design is pretty cool and appealing to beginning tokers, but experienced cannabis users know that those are the headiest-looking pieces around. They stick out and we spot them immediately.

Cell Phone Stealth Pipes

Cell phone stealth pipes are one of those products that exist only as a gag. No one who takes their stealth smoking seriously is going to use one of these.

It may be funny to pull out a cell phone stealth pipe and smoke, confusing your friends. However, smoking from a cell phone is not discreet.

You will stick out like a sore thumb if you try to smoke with a cell phone stealth pipe.

The Hidden Pipe Bracelet

The hidden pipe bracelet is also somewhat smart but similar to the hidden pipe necklace, your stealth bracelet pipes are not fooling anyone. 

The only plus side of a hidden pipe bracelet compared to the necklace is that it is already in your hands. But get this, your hands are going to smell so bad like weed resin.

Good luck getting your hidden pipe bracelet anywhere without someone smelling the weed and asking you questions about what your funky bracelet is. 

Other Discreet Smoking Pipes to Stay Away From

If you are looking for discreet smoking pipes, you are going to come across some weird inventions. 

Many of these hidden pipes can be labeled as discreet, technically. But these so-called secret bongs and pipes look ridiculous. 

Why get something big and funky looking to try to be discreet? Stick with small and stealthy pipes!

Tips for Secret Smoking Pipes

For your Dart or Dart Pro, get yourself a premium pouch or carry case to easily hide the smell of smoked weed residue. 

With 5 layers of lining with activated carbon, the premium pouch will be a sleek and durable way to take your discreet smoking on the go with no marijuana smell. 

While you're at it, grab yourself the nifty cleaning kit that easily fits into your carrying case. You can keep your one-hitter clean and pristine while on the go.  

Discreet Smoking Device Hiding Spots

Once you have your secret one-hitter, you'll have a few options of where to stow away your hidden smoking device because the Dart is so small.

With the Dart one-hitter, you can easily fit it in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Keep it in its carrying case, and you will have no smell emulating from your bag.

Another hidden pipe spot to try out is in your waistband. Stick secret pipes right in the elastic of your pants and it is hard to suspect anything. 

Are you wearing long socks? Discreetly slide your secret one hitter in those bad boys if you need something more stealthy than your pockets.

Stealth Smoking Pipes and Hidden Pipes Checklist

There are many reasons why people need to have a stealthy smoking session.

Unfortunately, smoking weed is still illegal or frowned upon in many places. The harsh outlook that a large part of society has on weed causes stoners to have to find stealth smoking pipes and hidden pipe options. 

Not every discreet smoking device should be called a secret pipe though. Many hidden smoking products that companies develop are just funky and weird.

Don't get caught slipping with a so-called secret pipe that doesn't fool anyone. Get yourself a real stealth pipe with the Dart. 

With a 30 second smoke session, you can squeeze in a little time to unwind at any point in the day with the best of all secret pipes. 

Learn More from the Dart Co!

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