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The Dart One Hitter

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Regular price $14.99
Color: Black

Our cutting-edge DART MD delivers precise microdoses of fresh flower. Perfect for medical cannabis users as well as for consumers who want to ensure that they do not over-serve themselves by inhaling too much in any one session, the DART MD provides consistency and control over your cannabis experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without wasting flower or overconsuming. Equipped with our signature spring-loaded button for controlled dosing, adjustable airflow, and ash-ejection.  

DART MD is our smallest DART Model with a chamber that holds just 0.15g of flower. For the best experience, pair your DART MD with one of our
herb canisters. Also, check out the DART Plus for bigger hits and the DART Pro for a smoother, filtered experience. 


  • Smallest DART model
  • Made for microdosing and quick hits
  • 0.15g herb chamber
  • 3.23 in x 0.3 in diameter
  • 7.4g weight
  • Stainless Steel Spring

More on THE DART

One Hitter Weed Mastery, Redefined

The Dart" isn't just a one hitter; it's a revolution in smoking devices. Crafted for those who appreciate a quick, discreet hit without sacrificing style or quality, this one hitter weed pipe embodies convenience and elegance. Ideal for both new smokers and seasoned enthusiasts, it offers an effortless smoke session, each and every time.

One Hitters: A Variety of Styles for Every Smoker

Our collection of one hitters caters to every style and preference. From the classic elegance of our glass one hitter to the robust durability of anodized aluminum, we offer a range of materials to suit your taste. Each piece is a little masterpiece, ensuring you don’t just smoke weed; you make a statement.

The One Hitter Pipe: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Embrace the best of both worlds with our one hitter pipe. It redefines the traditional pipe, incorporating modern design with timeless functionality. Whether you’re a fan of the hitter bat style or prefer a metal pipe, our range has something for everyone. And with its easy-to-clean design, using isopropyl alcohol and pipe cleaners, maintenance is a breeze.

Hitter Dugout: Your Smoking Sanctuary

Our hitter dugout is more than just a smoking accessory; it's a sanctuary for your one hitter. With two chambers to store your herb and your hitter, it's the perfect companion for those on the go. It’s all about enjoying your smoke session without the worry, whether you’re lounging at home or out with friends.

In every Dart product, you'll find an array of features designed for the ultimate smoking experience. The anodized aluminum construction ensures durability and style, while the compact size makes it ideal for discreet use. The hitter itself is engineered for a perfect hit every time, whether you're taking a single hit or sharing with friends.

It’s time to elevate your smoking ritual with The Dart. Experience the difference in smoking with a one hitter that’s designed for those who value convenience, style, and a quality smoke session. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional pipes and rolling, and hello to the ease and elegance of The Dart. Welcome to the future of smoking.

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