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5 Smokable Herbs To Blend With Weed

Did you know that, besides cannabis and tobacco, there are many medicinal and entheogenic plants that you can smoke? You can smoke one herb or blend many smokable herbs to achieve pleasant and therapeutic effects. Blending smokable herbs with your cannabis can lower THC tolerance, elevate cannabis effects, and help to cut down on cannabis costs.

Some ex-tobacco smokers consume herbal cigarettes to aid with cravings during their nicotine quitting process. Others smoke a blend of weed and herbs to obtain a balanced multi-effect high. To get the most out of your marijuana and achieve a premium smoking experience, learn about which specific herbs to blend with your cannabis and how you can create your own herbal blend.

Smokable Herbs to blend with weed


According to an analysis published in the Hindawi Research Journal, lavender can stabilize the nervous system and achieve relaxing or medicinal effects. Lavender’s aroma relieves pain, lessens tremors, and promotes healthy sleep habits. Blend a bit of dry lavender flower into your next weed bowl or blunt for additional calming effects. 


Mullein is a frequently foraged plant that grows in North America and contains many medicinal properties. Some find, clean, and dry this plant to use in medicinal teas to treat chest colds and dry coughing. However, the inhalation of mullein smoke is medicinally beneficial as well. 

Smoke a mullein joint or indirectly breath in the smoke from a burning mullein incense to moisten your dry mucus glands, which sounds gross but all it really means is that mullein smoke reverses symptoms of dry sinuses and respiratory systems. Additionally, if you have an earache, having mullein smoke blown in your ear can relieve the pain in the inner ear canal. 


Clove is an aromatic spice commonly used in cooking and baking. However, the inhalation of clove smoke is far from a modern practice. Folks across the world have smoked clover cigarettes since the late 18th century. Similar to lavender and mullein, clove is also medicinal. Clove oil distributes pain-relieving effects, and the aroma presents relaxing therapeutic effects as well. Add dry crushed cloves to your next joint for a sophisticated and seasonally spiced smoke sesh.

Rose Petal

Add dried rose petals to your weed for a flowery, aromatic smoke sesh. Some cannabis connoisseurs dry rose petals and use them as a wrap to roll joints. Rose is widely accessible and a wonderful option for herbal smoking.  


The blended cannabis and mint concoctions are refreshing and tasty when smoking. The mint helps mask the musk of marijuana while providing a smooth and elevated smoking experience. Pick some mint, hang it out to dry, and break it into a smokable consistency for a premium blend and minty fresh hits.

What Are Herbal Smoking Blends? 

smokable herbs

Herbal smoking blends are an all-natural tobacco or cannabis smoking alternative. These ingestible herbal concoctions often consist of loose tea, aromatic herbs, and medicinal plants. As we’ve come to learn, smoking herbal blends is a tremendously long-standing tradition of ours. Shamanistic Natives and other Indigenous folk in North and South America are the first humans known to partake in the intentional inhalation of smoke, dating back to 5,000 BC. That was over 7,000 years ago! 

People smoke plants now for the same reasons they did back then, to improve healing, alter consciousness, and elevate spirituality. Ingesting smokable herbs like skullcap, mugwort, and raspberry leaf is a good practice for self-reflection, relaxation, and receiving medicinal benefits. Find a smokable herbal blend that works for you, or even concoct your very own herbal smoking blend with a variety of different herbs. Continue reading to learn how to safely smoke herbs and how to best blend smokable herbs like rose petals or peppermint into your cannabis and CBD hemp smoking routine. 

3 Simple Ways to Smoke Herbal Blends 

Just like with smoking cannabis, herbal blends can be smoked using many different methods, tools, and devices. You can build your perfect herb smoking set up at home or store herbs in a portable carrying canister for herbalists smoking on the go. Continue below to learn three easy ways to incorporate beneficial herbs into your cannabis smoking rituals. 

Curb Cravings With Herbal Cigarettes

Many herbal companies produce and package packs of smokable dried herbs rolled into cigarettes. Although tobacco is a plant, tobacco cigarettes are an entirely different product from herbal cigarettes. Regular tobacco cigarettes contain additional chemicals and contaminants that frequently cause addiction in consumers. Herbal cigarettes are often catered to people attempting to lower or eliminate their tobacco consumption. Smoking herbs can give you the physical satisfaction of taking a smoking break without the addition of chemical addiction. 

Herb-Blended Joints & Bowls 

Blend smokable herbs with your ground cannabis and load it up into a bowl for a bold flavor, smooth hit, and complex highs with multi-substance effects. Sprinkle smokable aromatic or flavoring herbs on top of loaded bowls or layer it in between your green for enhanced flavor and effects.

Use the DART for a Classy Herbal High

The DART is a classy, sleek, extra discreet marijuana pipe that allows cannabis and herbal smokers to easily fit in a smoke session on the go. Pack the DART full of smokable psychoactive and medicinal herbs for a classy aromatic high with strong therapeutic effects. Whether your schedule is packed, you’re heading out the door, or you need a discrete device for super stealth smoking, learn about the DART marijuana pipes and how to use them to achieve the perfect high every time. 

weed pipe

How To Use a Dart Marijuana Pipe

Grind Your Fresh Herb-

Grind your cannabis or make sure your herbal blend is broken down into small enough pieces for an easy bowl load. The coarseness and consistency of your ground herbs are crucially important for the successful packing of your DART. You may need to grind and test a couple of different consistencies before finding one that meets your DART loading preference.

Pro Tip: Herbs that are broken down too finely can be inhaled during your hit and cause coughing or irritation. If pieces of the herb are left too large, they will block the pipe’s airflow and prevent inhalation.


The DART has two openings, one on either end of this stylish straw-like pipe. One opening is placed in the mouth during herbal ignition and smoke inhalation. The other opening is a smoking “bowl” of sorts that securely holds the ground herb.

To pack the DART, press the marijuana pipe’s bowl-end into your ground weed or herbal blend, and twist the pipe slowly using a bit of downward pressure. Pick the pipe up, place it atop more ground herb, and repeat the twisting method until your DART’s bowl is efficiently packed. 

Just like the consistency of your ground herbs, the tightness of your packed bowl can affect the quality of your smoke. A bowl that is packed too tightly will not allow air to pass through the pipe, which makes smoking from a tightly packed pipe unnecessarily difficult, if not impossible. Learn how to perfectly pack a one hitter for better airflow, stronger hits, and the very best herbal or marijuana high obtainable.


If your DART is packed perfectly, then there's really only one thing left to do. Spark it up! As with any other step of smoking preparation, there is always an innovative pro technique. Hold the loaded marijuana pipe in your mouth and bring a small flame up to the packed herbs while gently waving it back and forth in front of the herb-stuffed opening. All that’s left to do is inhale slowly. Take the flame away or put the flame out once the small bowl is well-lit. 


The DART marijuana pipes have a rare and valuable feature that separates it from generic glass or metal single-hit pipes on the market today. With a quick press of the DART’s spring-loaded ashing mechanism, your marijuana pipe goes from ash-clogged to completely clear in less than a second! The DARTS’s easy ashing feature keeps the smoking process clean and the cleaning process simple.

Is Smoking Herbs Healthier Than Smoking Weed?

Smoking herbs lowers tolerance, saves money, and provides a variety of medicinal effects. However, opposed to popular belief, herbal smoke is just as damaging to lung health as cannabis smoke. Nearly all smoke contains residual tar and resin, which may cause respiratory irritation and potential long-term lung damage. Whether you are toking lavender, chamomile, or cannabis flower, you still need to practice precaution and filter your smoke.

Some smoking devices have innovative built-in smoke filtration. For a cleaner, healthier high, use the sleek and extremely portable DART Pro. The DART Pro is a sturdy yet stylish marijuana pipe featuring DART’S ultra-smoke refining system and replaceable inner mesh filter screens. With the DART Pro, you can get the very best smoke from your cannabis bud and herbal blends every time. 


Whether you are blending smokable herbs and cannabis flower, or you are toking on those beneficial herbs without the presence of cannabis, herbal smoking can be therapeutically beneficial for those with ailments, those with cravings, or those looking to class up their high. Save money, lower your tolerance, and receive therapeutic effects by blending smokable herbs with your cannabis. Pack this medicinal mixture into your DART one hitter pipe or DART Pro marijuana pipe for a quick herbal smoke sesh on the go.  


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