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The Dart One Hitter

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how to use a one hitter

How To Use A One Hitter

how to use a one hitter

Learning how to use a one hitter is important for any smoker for a number of reasons. Using a one hitter pipe correctly will ensure:

  1. Proper air flow
  2. Avoid overheating of pipe
  3. No ash in your mouth
  4. More hits of cannabis per light

We are going to break down all the basics of a one hitter and show you just how to use it like a pro. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A One Hitter?

How to pack a one hitter

It’s safe to say you’re familiar with the terms one hitter, dugout, chillum, sneak a toke, etc. But if by chance you’re not let’s touch on that.

A one hitter is the perfect addition to consumer’s collection. Especially for those that have a busy schedule. You may have passed someone on the street lighting, what appears at first glance as a cigarette. Realizing after taking a closer look that they put the cigarette back in their pocket.

The more traditional one hitter looks akin to a cigarette. This is what makes it user-friendly on-the-go.

The issues found with these dugouts is that they overheat and are hard to keep clean. The makers of The Dart took note of all the things wrong with the original one hitter and made the proper adjustments to make the experience of one hitters much more enjoyable.

With just one click, The Dart’s ash disposal method makes for an even more discreet smoke process. Nothing screams “This isn’t a cigarette!” more than tapping your one hitter on the pavement to loosen and clear the ash.

How To Use A One Hitter

how to use a one hitter

The easy three step process made simple by the dart is as follows:

Step 1: Grind your dry flower- perfect consistency is key

Step 2: Pack your one hitter- choose the correct end to pack, one side is for weed, the other end is for your mouth

Step 3: Light it up!

It’s important to note that there is one end of the one hitter made for weed, be sure you choose the right end, first.

Most one hitter users find it easy to push the bowl down into pre-grinded dry flower, twist the one hitter, and repeat a few times to get the right consistency in the bowl. Other users find it preferred to stand the dugout vertically on a flat surface, then load up the bowl until the right consistency is packed.

We’ve mentioned “the right consistency” a few times to note the importance of not only the amount of weed packed, but also the level of grinding done to the flower prior to packing.

Let’s take a closer look at how to pack the one hitter.

How To Pack A One Hitter

how to pack a one hitter

The issue commonly emphasized with dugout users is the undesirable ash inhaled due to a offset consistency when packing the bowl.

Once, you’ve got that loud ground up, you pack the end of the one hitter that is clearly the bowl end and not the mouth end.

To pack it correctly you can choose one of two methods.

Method 1: Stand the one hitter up vertically on a flat surface and use your fingers to grab the weed and load the bowl.

Method 2: Push the bowl end of the one hitter down into the ground weed and give it a slight twist.

Prior to lighting up, check that the bowl isn’t too loosely packed. This will prevent that ash in the back of your throat.

At the same time as not being too loosely packed with that loud, you want to be sure the bowl isn’t too tightly packed, which constricts airflow and results in a hit unachieved.

This is why we put so much emphasis on the right consistency.

Be Sure Your One Hitter Stays Clean

To further improve your one hitter experience, be sure to clean the ash out after each use.

If you’re familiar with the resin build up, you know the importance of keeping it clean.

The dart makes this step easy and discreet. Just one click at the mouth end of the dugout and the ash is released and disposed. No one ever has to see you bent over banging your one hitter on the ground to clear your bowl again.


One hitters are most preferred for their easy and discreet process. The dart simplifies it even more.

Learn More from the Dart Co!

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