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How to smoke a one hitter

How to Smoke a One Hitter and Get More Out of Your Stash

how to smoke a one hitter

How to smoke a one hitter seems easy to most but so many people get it wrong. In this ultimate guide we will show you how to smoke a one hitter pipe and get the most out of your stash.

There’s a few things you need to know before using this tiny but mighty device.

  1. Which One Hitter Device is the Best
  2. Breaking down how to smoke a one hitter in simple steps
  3. Proper way to inhale weed with a one hitter
  4. Cleaning your One Hitter after smoking it

In this article we will cover it all! So let’s get right to it.

Are You Smoking with the Right One Hitter?

Before we dig into all you need to know about smoking a one hitter pipe, let’s break it down real quick.

A one hitter is the most discreet way to stay high while on-the-go. At first glance, the traditional one hitter can be mistaken for a cigarette. It’s stored in a wooden box referred to as a dugout. The original dugout one hitter paved the way for a new and improved model: The DART.

The DART, a metal one hitter pipe with eject mechanism, kept all the good stuff of the dugout one hitter and made it better.

3 complaints of a traditional one hitter:

  1. Overheating one hitter
  2. Poor airflow
  3. Hassle to clean

One Hitter

The DART one hitter made the proper adjustments to fix all these issues.

The DART is made from anodized aircraft aluminum, which has a higher heat resistance and is super durable. Poor airflow comes from a loosely packed one hitter. The DART made the packing process easier with a smell proof canister that holds your grinded weed. Lastly, the brilliant click-to-ash invention makes for easier cleaning.

Furthermore, using the DART is the best way to conserve weed, which is essential during this pandemic!

The 3 Simple Steps to Lighting Up a One Hitter

So, we’ve established the first step in how to smoke a one hitter is purchase The DART. But what comes next?

how to smoke a one hitter

The DART is a revolutionary self cleaning one hitter that makes it very easy to smoke. Follow DARTS simple three steps on how to smoke a one hitter:

1. LOAD Your One Hitter

Pack your one hitter with your weed. Remember to grind at the right consistency

2. SMOKE Your One Hitter

Light your weed at the front end of your one hitter and inhale. Remember 

3. ASH your One Hitter

Click to ash your one hitter pipe, only the DART CO has the amazing self ashing one hitter.


Since packing the bowl is the key to smoking a one hitter properly, remember to keep the consistency of the weed packed not too tight, and not too loose. You can take The DART and twist it into your grinded weed to get the perfect amount. Any loose leaf hanging over can be packed using your finger.

Light the packed end once, this is all that’s required to get the flower burning.

Click the mouth piece end to ash, and voila! You’re good to go!

How to Inhale a One Hitter

The first light will get your dry flower burning, at the same time, draw the smoke straight to your lungs. Since you’re pulling smoke from a small chamber, you want to get it straight to your lungs.

It’s a common misconception to think you have to inhale and hold the weed smoke in longer to get the full effect. The truth is the moment the THC hits your lungs, the magic is done. Yeah, it’s called a one hitter but let’s fill you in on a little secret… You can get anywhere from 4-6 puffs out of it!

how to smoke a one hitter weed

To inhale a one hitter properly, be sure it is clean ahead of time. Your lungs will thank you.

How to Clean a One Hitter

The traditional one hitter that everyone is used to collects resin quick and is hard to clean. It’s important to keep it clean which is why The DART is a self-cleaning one hitter.

Click the end of The DART to ash. Follow up with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe inside the chamber. Super simple, super clean, super sleek. Learn more on how to clean a one hitter.


In short, how to smoke a one hitter is easy and made better by The DART. Pack it properly, light it up, inhale, and ash by the click of a button. Keep these things in mind, along with the health of your lungs, and your daily high has automatically improved.

Check out the one hitter ultimate guide to learn all the ins and outs of the best one hitter on the market.

Learn More from the Dart Co!

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