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The Dart One Hitter

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Which One Is Better: Traditional Dugout Or The Dart? 2021


Everyone wants to know if a dugout one hitter stands up to the Dart.

The smoker on the go has totally different needs than someone who is stationary at home and free to enjoy to their heart’s content.

For instance, it’s generally not acceptable to whip out your bong or water pipe and take a massive rip on the side of the street in a public area - even in the more accepting metropolis areas where herb is 100% legal. 

If you haven’t yet maximized the “on-the-go” potential of your smoking gear, then this blog post could be a real eye-opener. Here’s why.

In this primer, we are going to compare and contrast two of the leading solutions for smokers on the go: the traditional dugout one hitter versus the modern Dart. Our goal is to see which one is easier and more convenient for smokers on the go, as well as which one provides a better lifestyle and/or smoking experience.

Ready? Let’s get this party started.

The “Piece De Resistance” – Let’s Compare the Dugout One Hitter

It’s no secret the “piece de resistance” for any smoker’s arsenal is always the pipe. For smokers on the go with a dugout or a The Dart, this is called your “one-hitter” or sometimes simply a “bat” (since it allows you to hit, get it?). 

The benefit of having a smaller pipe is obvious: with enough room for one hit, you can take your toke and then clean up without having to worry about joints or blunts. However, one of the concerns that we face often - the idea that you can literally only take one hit since it is called a one-hitter, is that it is simply not the case with The Dart. With the Dart fully packed, you can get 6+ hits from each load! We simply defend this claim with our video demo to prove this!

What About Materials And Appearances for Dart compared to a dugout one hitter?


Traditional one-hitters are made from glass or often painted metal that is designed to resemble a cigarette so that hopefully it would evade detection from a distance. The Dart is made from anodized aircraft aluminum, which has a higher heat resistance and durability than glass, which is definitely preferable to glass because it’s nearly indestructible.

And beyond that, the cigarette one-hitters are an outdated style. Just like vapes are slowly replacing cigarettes, fully-metallic sleek and stylish Darts are the newest innovation in this space. 

Cleaning Your One Hitter

The biggest difference between the two, however, definitely has to be how easy they are to clean. Traditional one-hitters need to be scoured with a poker after every use, making them less convenient the longer you use them.

When resin builds up, it can become almost impossible to continue using your one-hitter until you give it a deep cleaning.

The Dart, on the other hand, has an innovative spring-loaded ash ejector mechanism. When you are finished smoking, you simply eject all of the spent ashes from the end of the Dart with a quick push and you are ready to start over 100% cleaned.

It’s also much easier to perform deep-cleaning with a Dart because it is designed to be taken apart so you can thoroughly clean it inside and out in only a few short minutes.

In terms of convenience, durability, and looks, the Dart is a material improvement over previous one-hitter technology. Now let’s talk about the other aspects of your on-the-go smoking kit. 

Comparing Dugouts To The Dart Storage System

Traditional dugouts are made very simply. A container with two compartments is usually fashioned from some kind of light wood, or in some cases plastic.

One compartment is meant to store tobacco or flower, while the other stores your bat/one-hitter. It helps to grind up your tobacco or herb using a grinder so that it can be easily loaded into the one-hitter and cleaned out later.

The Dart system is more modern, consisting of one or several sleek metal canisters for carrying your favorite flowers around with you. Your Dart, multiple canisters and your lighter can all fit into one sleek carrying case that easily fits into a pocket.

Let’s talk about some of the more obvious differences between these two systems.

When It Comes To Stealth And Convenience… 

Of course, the whole point of on-the-go smoking is to remain discreet while having maximum convenience at the same time. That’s why this category is really central to choosing the right system.

Which One Masks Smells Better The Dugout One Hitter or DART?

In this category, it’s important to realize that only one of these systems is truly airtight. And that distinction goes to the Dart. 

Every Dart canister is made from airtight metal with rubber seals – and every cannister you purchase from Dart also comes with backup rubber seal rings just in case anything happens to the original ones.

Traditional dugouts, being made from plastic or wood and having a basic swivel for the rotating lid, simply don’t keep odors in as Dart canisters do.

This means, for totally eliminating the odor of your smoking, there’s simply no contest: the Dart wins by being head-and-shoulders more technologically advanced in this area.

Accessorizing Your Smoking Tools

When you’re looking at how easy dugouts are to carry around compared to the Dart, it’s easy to see both systems totally fit in your pocket. You may prefer the smooth, flowing lines of the Dart carrying system to the blocky figure of a dugout.

However, where the Dart really shines is that you don’t necessarily need the entire carrying case in your pocket at all times - especially in more progressive cities where you can carry canisters on your person without worrying.

That’s because the Dart lets you attach canisters with your favorite flower to your backpack, purse, or even belt loops using the attached keyrings. This simply gives you more flexibility than a traditional dugout would.

Room For A Lighter?

Looking at the facts again, dugouts simply don’t have a compartment for your lighter. This means if you want to bring one along with you, then you’re going to have to carry it in your pocket next to the bulky dugout.

The Dart storage case, on the other hand, has more than enough room for a lighter, the Dart and a couple of canisters and still fits easily in your pocket. Plus, there’s another benefit to having multiple canisters over just one…

The Dart One Hitter Lets You Hold More Than One Type Of Flower

Traditional dugouts are only designed to carry one type of flower at a time – they are only built with one compartment for your flower.

What if you’d enjoy a more creative, exciting buzz instead of wanting to relax for the afternoon, but you only brought a mellow variety with you? With a traditional dugout, you’re simply out of luck.

But the Dart has room for multiple airtight canisters so you can change from one strain to the next at your heart’s desire. Dart even makes a single canister that carries 3 different varieties – it’s called simply the “Model III”.

This is really next-level smoking luxury, allowing you to mix and match to create the perfect atmosphere anywhere you may find yourself.

Which One Hitter Looks Nicer?

In some ways, this is simply a matter of preference – but we’re sure we wouldn’t be going too far out on a limb to say the Dart looks more modern.

It’s simply a question of whether you prefer sleek and shiny stainless steel with smooth, rounded modern lines or wooden and plastic block-design.

In general, the Dart “gets out of the way” of your smoking experience while still allowing you to make a statement in modernism.

The dugout, on the other hand, is more “analog” – you have to swing the cumbersome latch around and stick your finger into the compartment to find your one-hitter, then load it and grab your lighter which is in yet another pocket.

In the final analysis, dugout versus Dart is simply a conversation about the old versus the new.

Bottom Line: The Dart Is Simply A Technological Advancement In Every Sense

Dugouts aren’t bad. In fact, the Dart was designed to simply take what dugouts were already doing well and improve upon that formula. And it succeeded in a lot of ways.

The Dart is much more convenient – easy to clean with the ash-ejector function.

It is much more smoker-friendly with room for multiple canisters and your lighter in one case – even the option for a single canister that carries three different types of flowers. 

And it’s more stealthy with multiple options to store and airtight containers for everything you want to carry. 

If you have a traditional dugout now and you want to upgrade, then the Dart is an awesome option that improves upon your current set up immensely without forgetting its roots. We liken it to replacing your flip-phone with a smartphone.

To take a look at the Dart and the accessories mentioned in this article, visit our special deals!

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