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The Dart One Hitter

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How to Effectively use a One-Hitter

As the cannabis industry advances we feel so too should the one hitter.
We designed the DART to address the common flows that we found with one hitters in the market. Those flaws include: being fragile, overheating, hassle to clean, and poor airflow. 

The Dart is Durable:

Unlike the traditional one hitter the Dart is made from anodized aircraft aluminum for high impact resistance, anti corrosion, and highly heat resistant.

Has Great Airflow

We achieved this by pairing the DART with our canisters. The canisters store pre-grounded flower which is important for easy access and to ensure a consistent burn/ smooth hit.
One issue that people will run into if they don’t use the canister is they will end up packing nugs into the chamber too tight and blocking the airflow, causing it to clog and build up resin too quickly.
The DART was designed with a sharp beveled edge in the flower chamber that allows the user to easily dig through the flower in the canister.  Also, the addition of the eject button has a dual purpose because it screws onto an inner tube in the DART.
This inner tube allows just enough airflow to ensure a consistent burn, while being small enough to help prevent big pieces of ash from pulling through the mouthpiece. 

Easy to clean/Best Practices:

Preload the canister with ground up flower.
They can store anywhere between 2.5g - 4.5 g, which is good for 100+ hits. When ready to smoke, simply insert the DART into the canister, apply a bit of pressure, and twist for a clean load. There shouldn’t be any flower hanging over the outside edges of the DART(this helps to keep the DART clean) 
If you practice smoking to complete ash, it ensures that you are maximizing on your hits, and not wasting any supply - this makes it easier to maintain cleaning the DART because it prevents resin build up. By the time you eject the ash, it’s just dust at that point. 
How to prevent bits of flower or ash from pulling through the mouthpiece…
This can happen if you pack the DART too loosely or if you draw too hard. A suggestion for packing it tighter in the chamber is you can always press the tip of of the DART against your finger(once loaded) and press the button to pack it tighter inside. 

How to keep the flower burning…

Another benefit to loading with ground up flower from the canister is that it requires only a second of flame from a lighter to get it burning. In between hits, to help keep the flower burning, you can cover the hole in the mouthpiece with your finger to prevent the smoke/air from escaping. If you can sense that the flower stopped burning, just quickly light it again with a lighter or hemp wick and smoke until it’s all gone.


If you’ve smoked it to complete ash, by the time you press the button to eject, it should push out all the ash on it own, but you can always blow on it to get rid of the last bits. 


Resin build up is inevitable over time, that’s just the nature of how pipes work. Fortunately, the DART was designed so one you can quickly take it apart and clean with a simple isopropyl alcohol soak. 
Start by unscrewing the button the button by inserting a pen or long tool to hold the inner tube in place. Remove the inner tube and spring, then soak the outer tube, inner tube, and mouthpiece in Isopropyl alcohol with a teaspoon of salt(acts as a scrubber). You can use a ziplock bag or a preroll tube to soak the contents for a about 3 minutes, then shake to see the resin fall right off. Use a qtip to clean the inside of the outer tube and a paper clip to poke through the inner tube. Repeat the steps if necessary and reassemble. Should be good as new.
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