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The One Hitter Ultimate Guide

The One Hitter Ultimate Guide

When it comes to smoking your flower discreetly, the one hitter is definitely a fan favorite.

Whether you want to conserve your weed, are on-the-go, or you just aren’t into the traditional blunts and bongs – the hardy one hitter pipe is definitely a solution for you.

Let’s break down all the pros and cons of a One Hitter and just how to use it effectively so you can decide for yourself if the one hitter pipe is right for you.

One Hitter Benefits


What Is a One Hitter?


So just what is a one hitter you ask?

You may have seen the traditional style in which the one hitter pipe looks like a cigarette at first glance.

The cigarette one hitter is the popular image most people know of the one hitter, but there are actually a few different styles as well such as the Japanese Kiseru and the Middle Eastern Midwakh as well.

One Hitter

For the sake of simplicity let’s focus on the modern and popular form of the one hitter such as the cigarette style. This type of one hitter is a small pipe that contains a narrow bowl at the very end, that was intended for single inhalation – or in other words “one hit”.

The traditional one hitter holds about 25 milligrams of marijuana per every one hit – perfect for anyone that is a an occasional smoker or doesn’t need a higher quantity of flower to be happy.

Because of their slender design, one hitters are perfect for discreet smoking and also perfect for the smokers on the go.

You wouldn’t pull out a blunt or bong in public, but avid one hitter fans enjoy the simplicity of have a quick hit and moving on with their schedule.

As the cannabis industry progresses so does the technology in which we smoke. While the cigarette one hitter was a very popular method back in the day, new and much better one hitters are being created such as the Dart. The Dart solves all the major complaints of the original one hitter such as over heating, air flow, and not being able to clean quickly and efficiently. The Dart boast many amazing and innovative features such as the self-ashing system, an innovative design in which you can take apart and clean, and a much more modern and beautiful look compared to a cigarette style.

 Modern One Hitter


How to use a one hitter


Using a one hitter is simple. You fill the chamber on the opposite end in which you inhale – known as the bowl – with your marijuana.

The key to using a one hitter is the consistency of the marijuana that you place inside of the bowl of the one hitter pipe. You don’t want the pieces of bud too finely grounded down, if this happens you will find yourself inhaling a fine amount of ash.

How to use a one hitter

  1. To avoid a mouth full of ash, you want to make sure your flower is broken up so that it’s small enough to fit into the chamber but also that it’s not too small where the pipe will turn it too fast into ash when you smoke. This takes a little trial and error but once you got it down you are good to go!
  2. Once you have a nice consistency on your weed, fill the narrow bowl chamber with your weed by packing it vertically. To do this flip your one hitter upside down and press against the flower until the weed is packed tightly in the bowl space.
  3. Now lift the one hitter pipe horizontally and place the mouthpiece end in your lips and light the marijuana while pulling softly for your inhale.



The Cons of Using a Traditional One Hitter


Which one hitter should I use guide

It seems the weed just keeps getting better and better, right? Well so should the technology for the beloved one hitter. Yet, sadly the traditional one hitter is a bit out dated now with many flaws such as a fragile frame, overheating, a pain to clean, and poor airflow.

But before you call it quits on trying out a one hitter, know that there is an amazing solution for all of these cons: the Dart!

Traditional One Hitter’s are generally made cheaply. The Dart wields a anodized aircraft aluminum for high impact resistance and anti-corrosion. Not only that, compared to a traditional One Hitter that may get too hot to hold at times, the Dart is highly heat resistant.

Another draw back of using a traditional one hitter is the poor airflow when you pack the flower chamber. This is due to the fact that most people don’t use a proper canister to break about their nugs and when they pack their one hitter with nugs too tightly and this blocks airflow, resulting in clogging and resin build up.

The Dart was built with a sharp beveled edge in the marijuana chamber that allows the user to dig through the flower easily. Not only that, but the Dart also has a self-eject ash system – brilliant!

While the traditional one hitter was amazing in it’s day, the Dart is clearly the winner when it comes to being the solution for the most optimal one hitter experience.


How to Pack a One Hitter

How to pack a one hitter


To pack a one hitter depends entirely upon the consistency in which you ground your marijuana up. If  you grind your marijuana up too fine then the flower will just turn to ash and you will be pulling all of that into your lungs.

If the flower is not broken enough and the pieces are too big then you are going to block the airflow up on your one hitter. Once you get the right consistency of flower to put into your one hitter chamber, the next step is to place it into your chamber.

The most popular method is to have your flower in a canister and to dip your one hitter chamber down into flower and load the chamber. Lift the one hitter up to check what you have in your chamber.

Packing the perfect fit for your one hitter will take a few trial runs. Soon you will be able to eyeball whether you are going to have a good pull from your one hitter by how you packed it.


How to Smoke a One Hitter


Smoking a one hitter is fairly easy. Even though it’s called a One Hitter generally you can get a few more tokes. Follow the packing directions above in this article, you should have the perfect consistency packed inside of your one hitter chamber, just place the one hitter to your lips and light the flame while softly pulling.

In between hits you can cover the opposite end of the burning flower to help contain the smoke, this trick helps to keep the flower burning as well. If the flower stops burning just hit it with a little more from your lighter and pull softly again.


How to Clean a One Hitter


Cleaning a traditional one hitter can get a bit messy. The longer you don’t clean it the more resin builds up inside. To be proactive you want to make sure you are ashing and getting out any debris in your one hitter after you smoke to prevent large resin build ups.

If your one hitter is already at a point where it needs some deep cleansing, then there are multiple ways to clean a one hitter. A very popular method is using a sealable bag and placing your one hitter in there with isopropyl alcohol and 1-2 tablespoons of salt. The coarser the salt the better. Put enough alcohol so the one hitter is submerged, and it wouldn’t hurt to throw another 1-2 oz of hot water to help loosen the resin up.

Seal the bag and begin shaking so you make sure all the ingredients are mixing together well and doing its magic. Keep shaking when you feel the need but you can also leave the bag to the side for the 1-2 hours.

Traditional one hitters cannot come apart so you won’t be able to restore the inside to its original pristine-self, but it’s enough to get the majority of the built up resin out.

Another alternative is to use the much newer and improved one hitter: The Dart. The Dart like any other pipe in the world used for smoking will have resin build up as well.

The bonus with the Dart is you can take it apart very quickly and clean the one hitter much more thoroughly. Use the same method as above but this time you can also take out a q-tip and clean inside the outer tube and use a paper clip to poke through the inner tube. It truly allows you to clean a one hitter deeply and much more efficiently than the traditional one hitter.


When it comes to using a one hitter, it’s no wonder there are so many die-hard fans. It’s the low-key, discreet, and low flower commitment device that truly shines. As the cannabis industry advanced so too did the devices we smoked them with. It seems bongs got an upgrade so it’s about time the one hitter did as well.

Where do you buy a one hitter? The Dart is the most premium one hitter you can purchase that solves all of the original flaws of the traditional one hitter with new and improved design functions such as a self-ashing system that truly puts the Dart in it’s own league of smoking devices! The best part about it is the Dart is super affordable and much longer lasting than traditional one hitters, so if you are looking for the most optimal one hitter device than look no further because the Dart is hands down all you ever will need.


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