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The Best One Hitter Pipe of 2023: Why You Need It Now

one hitter

When it comes to one of the best ways to smoke weed, the one hitter is definitely the best choice for 2023 that you won't want to miss out on. Here's why:

Not only is the one hitter pipe perfect for stealth smoking, but it's also the best way to save money, lower weed tolerance, microdose, and conserve bud!

The Dart revolutionized the metal one hitter pipe by adding premium never-before-seen features. 

  • One Hitter with Improved Air Flow
  • Crafted from Anodized Aluminum
  • The Best Weed Travel Kit
  • Beveled Bowl Edges for Perfect Packing
  • Click-to-ash Function in 1 Hitter Pipe
  • Weed One Hitter Fully Disassembles for Easy Clean

    one hitter pipe

    Are you in search of the perfect smoking accessory for a quick hit? The DART one hitter weed pipe is the most trusted and innovative hand pipe on the market. This powerhouse of a weed hitter is crafted from anodized aircraft aluminum with over ten color choices that bring you the smoothest airflow possible without overheating.


    The Dart also boasts a simple click-to-ash system that prevents build-ups of resin and tar. And did we mention that it can be entirely disassembled, unlike other one hitter pipes, so you can have the most thorough clean possible - making it the purest one hitter as well!  #nothankscovid

    weed one hitter

    Instead of a clunky dugout, the Dart one hitter works hand in hand with the smell proof weed canister that attaches to your keychain for a very natural look. When you need to smoke on the go, use Dart's beveled edge bowl chamber to twist and pack your perfect bowl in seconds.

    Keep reading below to learn how the Dart one hitter can help you smoke discreetly, save money, save bud, and be a more conscious smoker for both lung and tolerance. 

    In this ultimate guide, we will break down everything you need to know about a one hitter pipe and why this is the best smoking tool for 2021. Also, as an added bonus below, we show you how to use, pack, and clean your one hitter - keep reading!

    Metal One Hitters vs Glass One Hitters

    When shopping around for a one hitter weed pipe, you’ll most likely come across the two main types of one hitter pipes: a metal one hitter pipe or a glass one hitter weed pipe. 

    The Aluminum Cannabis Pipe

    An aluminum one hitter pipe is going to be the best option if you are looking for something lightweight and durable, making the metal one hitter the prime choice if you want a pipe that is easy to take on the go!

    Metal one hitter pipes are usually pretty sleek in design, though there are some options out there that have some pretty creative builds. 

    An advantage of having a sleek metal pipe is that it makes it a whole lot easier to be discreet with your smoking, which is a huge draw to the one hitter pipe option. 

    Because of their smooth surface material, metal one hitters are pretty easy to clean. 

    Be careful though! Metal pipes can heat up on you, so keep your eye out for a brand that is heat resistant. 

    The Glass One Hitter  

    Glass pipes are the stereotypical pipe you’re used to seeing in headshops. They rose in popularity back in the 1970’s and have been a cultural staple in the cannabis scene ever since. 

    They are best known for their intricate and artsy designs, providing more of a visual appeal to the user with their various shapes and colors. 

    Glass one hitters are also pretty easy to clean. Since they are either transparent or translucent, you’ll be able to see when yours has a nice tar or resin build up in it. 

    One hitter glass pipes are good for keeping around the house, but be careful taking these out on the go with you! Glass is more fragile than metal, so you’ll need to be careful handling a glass one hitter pipe or else you’ll risk breaking it. 

    You’ll also have a harder time managing discretion with a glass pipe, since their appearance tends to stand out and traditionally represents the cannabis culture. 

    If you choose to go the glass one hitter route, try and find one with a silicone casing to help prevent breakage and improve discretion. Glass one hitters also heat up, so having a silicone case will also help protect your hands and mouth while you smoke. 

    What Is a One Hitter and 3 Reasons You Need One

    So just what is a one hitter you ask?

    You may have seen the traditional style in which the one hitter pipe looks like a cigarette at first glance.

    one hitter weed

    The cigarette one-hitter is the popular image that comes to mind when someone thinks of a weed one hitter. But there are a few different styles, such as the Japanese Kiseru pipe and the Middle Eastern Midwakh chillum. For the sake of simplicity let's focus on the modern one hitter weed device or, in other words, the chillum.

    A one hitter is a small narrow smoking pipe designed for "one hit" of marijuana not be confused with a cannabis weed pipe. Other common names for a one hitter is chillum, bat, hitter box, taster, taster bat, and oney or onie.

    The traditional one hitter pipe holds about 25 milligrams of marijuana per every one hit. This may seem like a small amount but let's explore why the one-hitter is the best smoking device:


    1.One Hitters are Discreet and Perfect For On the Go


    Because of their slender design, one hitters are perfect for discreet smoking. If you have a long commute to work and have enough time to air out the car, you won't find a bong or a blunt the best way to smoke. A single hitter gives you just enough for that morning wake and bake or that perfect unwind after work.

    For all the stealth smokers, using a bong or dab rig just isn't practical, but avid weed one hitter fans enjoy the simplicity of having a quick hit and moving on with their schedule. Whether you are traveling to Amsterdam or flying into marijuana-friendly states, the one hitter kit is always the best option.

    2.One Hitter Pipes Save You Marijuana and Money

    Times are rough as of 2021, right? It's not about just buying a gram of weed and rolling a whole blunt now; we need to think about how to save! If you save marijuana, then you save money, right? Smoking with a one hitter is the most efficient way to smoke weed.

    The onehitter is the best smoking device that helps you save on your precious buds. The simple fact is when you smoke with a onehitter you are microdosing your marijuana and this allows you to never "over smoke". Meaning you only smoke what you need to get high, and you never push your tolerance past the limit. Smoking a gram of marijuana from a onehitter can save you hundreds of dollars a month, and that sounds like a great investment!

    3.One Hitter Weed Pipes Helps Maintain Tolerance and Lung Health

    Using a onie weed pipe helps to maintain your tolerance. I use a marijuana one hitter and my friend smokes a blunt. I smoke a fraction of what he smokes, but yet we still get the same high, and this is because of cannabis tolerance control!

    This may seem like something that isn't important, but the lower you keep your tolerance the easier it is for your lung, wallet, and quality of life. Ever smoke concentrates for a month only to find out when you go back to smoking flower it just isn't enough? By keeping your tolerance low, you can manage your smoking. A one hitter for weed is the only tool that puts your tolerance and health first.


    The Best One Hitter of 2023

    1 hitter

    As the cannabis industry progresses so does the technology in which we smoke, right?

    While the cigarette one hitter was a very popular method back in the day, new and much better one hitters are being created such as the Dart. The Dart solves all the major complaints of the original one hitter such as over heating, air flow, and inability to clean quickly and efficiently.

    Let's take a look at all the reasons why the Dart is the best one hitter:

    best one hitter

    Best Airflow Compared to all One Hitters

    A significant drawback of using a traditional one hitter is the poor airflow when you pack the flower chamber. This is because most one hitters don't work well with their canister or dugouts. When you load your one hitter with nugs too tightly, this blocks airflow, resulting in clogging and resin build-up.

    The Dart, built with a sharp beveled edge in the marijuana chamber, allows the user to dig through the flower easily.

    The traditional one-hitter's on the market is a bit outdated, but the Dart allows for maximum potential on your airflow, giving you the best pull on your taster bat.

    Best Durability in Single Hit Pipe

    Traditional One Hitter’s are generally made cheaply. The Dart wields an anodized aircraft aluminum for high impact resistance and anti-corrosion. Not only that, compared to a traditional One Hitter that may get too hot to hold at times, the Dart is highly heat resistant.

    Easiest to Clean One Hit Pipe

    Ever see the inside of a traditional one hitter? Nobody has, and that's because you can't take them apart! Imagine all the festering bacteria building up with the resin and tar that could get into your lungs. The Dart features a self-ashing system and an innovative design in which you can take apart and clean.

    Also, a bonus tip, when clicking to ash you maintain the cleanliness of your one hitter which allows you to clean this smoking device much less.

    Dart is The Best One Hitter Weed Pipe

    While the traditional one hitter pipes were terrific in it’s day, the Dart is clearly the winner when it comes to being the best one hitter. Not a believer? Check out all the fantastic legitimate 5 star reviews! Now for all of you that are just wondering how easy it is to use and clean this excellent smoking tool read below!

    Microdosing with a DART One Hitter Weed Pipe

    The DART one hitter weed pipe is perfect for microdosing.

    This is because weed one hitters can only hold so much cannabis at once. As a result, you smoke a little bit at a time out of your one hitter weed bowl until you finally reach your result.

    For some, microdosing is the best way to smoke weed because it tends to save money while providing the perfect high.

    Here's a quick breakdown of how to microdose using a one hitter weed pipe:

    1. Load the one hitter pipe with your preferred amount of ground weed.
    2. Hold a flame to the bowl end of the DART one hitter pipe to smoke.
    3. Ash with the click of a button.
    4. Wait a moment for your high to kick in, and repeat until you've achieved your desired high.

    Look at you, expert microdoser!

    Using One Hitters is Truly the Easiest Way to Smoke Cannabis

    Many marijuana enthusiasts prefer to smoke from a one hitter weed pipe due to its simplicity. There's a love shared with one hitter pipe users that choose to smoke on the go because of how easily and quickly a high is achieved.

    To smoke discreetly in public, be sure to have your marijuana ground up before leaving the house to make for an easier time loading your weed one hitter pipe.

    Don't feel bad; if you've never smoked using a one hitter pipe weed before, let us explain what makes smoking cannabis so easy.

    As long as you have ground weed prepared and ready to go, the following steps should be seamless.

    Verified Customer Reviews of The DARTS One Hitter

    Since the prime point of the one hitter pipe is to provide a discreet smoke on the go, metal one hitters are the optimal material to use. The DART has a highly rated one hitter pipe that hits all the marks of what you’ll want in your one hitter

    Amber M gave The DART One Hitter and stash bag a 5-star review, saying, “I loved the dart one hitter, I am new to smoking and this makes it super simple and less intimidating.. absolutely will be getting more in the future. The sleek design of the pouch and pen is amazing.”

    Kara W bought a set of the 3-pack DART One Hitters and commented, “I order three more whenever I lose them. I love these so much.”

    Scott L said The DART’s One Hitter was effective and economical, adding that “This little one hitter is discreet, works well and stretches out your supplies. Easy to clean. Highly recommended.”

    Thinking you may want a little bit more in your discreet load than just a hit or two? This purchaser got The Dart Trio Set which includes The DART’s larger pipe options in addition to its One Hitter. They commented, “I like the different sizes. Makes it convenient anywhere, anytime. Everything is high quality down to the case it comes with. I will definitely purchase more products in the future!”

    One of the great things about this company is that they design their products with discretion at the front of mind. All of their pipes are sleek and discreet, making them an easy choice to take on the go. 

    Even better, all of The DART’s herb canisters and stash bag sets are fully smell proof, adding an extra layer of comfort when you are out and about with your bud!

    How to Use a One Hitter

    Understanding how to use a one hitter is simple.

    The key to using a one-hitter is the consistency of the marijuana that you place inside of the bowl of the one hitter pipe. You don’t want the pieces of bud too finely grounded down, if this happens you will find yourself inhaling a fine amount of ash. We will cover more in depth on how to get this perfect ground weed in the next section.

    How to use a one hitter

    Follow these three simple steps on how to use a one hitter:

    1. Twist to Load your One-Hitter

    Put your grounded marijuana into the canister. Remember grind the weed so it's not too small or too big. This takes trial and error. Then take your Dart One Hitter and push the chamber side into the marijuana canister. Use the beveled edge in the chamber by twisting the end of your taster bat until your pick up marijuana into the chamber.


    2. Smoke Your One Hitter Pipe

    Next you want to place the inhalation end of your chillum into your mouth. Take a lighter and ignite the marijuana gently. Do not keep the flame on the weed directly. Light the flame, take the chamber end, and dip into the flame back and forth to get a nice, even burn. Inhale!

    3. Ash your One-Hitter With a Simple Button

    Once you finish smoking, click the button on the end you inhaled to eject the ash. This helps prevents build-ups and prolongs the cleaning process making the Dart hitter pipe much more efficient to use.

    How to Pack a One Hitter Perfectly

    Knowing how to pack a one hitter depends entirely upon the consistency of your ground cannabis. If you grind your marijuana up too fine, then the flower will turn to ash, and you will be pulling all of that into your lungs.

    If the flower is not broken enough and the pieces are too big, then you are going to block the airflow up on your one hitter weed pipe. This takes a little practice, guys because all grinders are made differently.

    Here at Dart we suggest you try different sizes and load your one hitter up and test it out. Once you know a perfect size, you will know exactly how much to grind your weed with your specific grinder.

    Packing the perfect fit for your chillum will take a few trial runs. Soon you will be able to eyeball whether you will have a good pull from your one hitter by how you packed it. Practice guys!

    How to Clean a One Hitter

    Cleaning a traditional one hitter can get a bit messy. The longer you don’t clean it, the more resin builds up inside. Bacteria begins building from uncleaned resin and tar, and you don't want to inhale these harmful toxins into your lungs!

    To be proactive, you want to make sure you are ashing and getting out any debris in your taster bat after you smoke to prevent large resin build-ups. Also, make sure to take apart your taster bat to make sure you get a full clean.

    If your one hitter is already at a point where it needs some deep cleansing, there are multiple ways to clean a one hitter weed pipe. A prevalent method is using a sealable bag and place your one hitter in there with isopropyl alcohol and 1-2 tablespoons of salt. The coarser the salt, the better. Put enough alcohol, so the one hitter is submerged, and it wouldn’t hurt to throw another 1-2 oz of hot water to help loosen the resin up.

    Seal the bag and begin shaking so you make sure all the ingredients are mixing well and doing their magic. Keep shaking when you feel the need, but you can also leave the bag to the side for 1-2 hours.

    Traditional one hitters cannot come apart, so you won’t be able to restore the inside to its original pristine self, but it’s enough to get the majority of the built-up resin out.

    Another alternative is to use the much newer and improved one hitter: The Dart. The Dart, like any other pipe in the world used for smoking, will have resin build up as well.

    With a Dart you can take it apart very quickly and clean the one hitter much more thoroughly. Check out our in-depth guide on how to clean a one hitter.


    When it comes to discreet and efficient smoking, it's no wonder why so many people are die-hard fans of one hitter pipes. These handy devices offer a low-key, cost-effective, and low flower commitment smoking experience that can't be beaten. As the cannabis industry has advanced, so have the devices we use to smoke it. While bongs have gotten an upgrade, it's about time that the one hitter got a makeover too.

    Introducing the Dart, the most loved one hitter hand pipe that solves all of the traditional one hitter's original flaws with new and improved design functions. With a self-ashing system that puts it in its own league of smoking devices, the Dart is the most optimal one hitter device on the market. Not only is it super affordable, but it's also much longer-lasting than traditional weed one hitters.

    So if you're in search of the perfect one hitter dugout, hand pipe, or pipe, look no further than the Dart. With its advanced design features and unbeatable price point, it's the perfect addition to any smoker's collection. Try it out for yourself and experience the difference that the Dart can make in your smoking routine.

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