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How to pack a chillum

How to Pack a Chillum and Smoke it Like a Pro (2023 update)

how to pack a chillum

Knowing how to pack a chillum can seem a little tricky to those first-time users.

Since a chillum is a straight pipe, some are baffled that the weed stays in its place and it doesn't fall through.

Others have been known to quickly shove a small nug into the bowl end of the chillum one hitter, thinking that's how it's done. They soon realize this does not work due to airflow constriction.

A consistent grind is the one thing that will determine how enjoyable your smoking experience is with one. So, light up and read on with us to learn how to use a chillum pipe perfectly for every sesh!

How to Pack a One Hitter Chillum Properly

As previously mentioned, the way to pack a chillum for that optimal smoking experience, an herb grinder is needed to produce the perfect ground flower.

If you are choosing to use The DART one hitter pipe, a grinder isn't necessary since it has the built-in teeth already, but you can still use one if you choose.

how to pack a chillum

Follow these steps for packing a chillum pipe properly:

Step 1. Grind your flower in your grinder.

Step 2. Once your weed is finely grounded, grab your one hitter and push the bowl end into the ground weed with a small twist motion. This twist motion will pack the weed tighter with each twist.

Step 3. Lift chillum and take a peek into the bowl, add more cannabis if desired. Remember, with The DART one hitter you can get more than just one hit depending on the size of your bowl packed.

Step 4. Put chillum one hitter to your lips and pull.

Step 5. Inhale slowly and gently. If you pull too hard, you will get ash in your mouth. Tap the lighter to get your bowl rolling. There's no need to hold the flame to the flower. Once it's lit, you hit!

At this point, you should be nice and lifted. If you feel like you want a little more, just follow steps 1-5 again. That's the great thing about one hitters, you can micro dose accordingly.

How to Hold a Chillum Pipe

Holding a one hitter chillum can appear complicated, but it is not. There's actually a number of proper ways to hold a chillum pipe.

The traditional way to hold a one hitter, is to make a circle with your pointer finger and wrap it around the chillum. You can support this circle by using your thumb to hold your finger like a kickstand.

You can also hold your one hitter with just your thumb and your pointer finger.

A third way is to hold one hitters the old school way like a cigarette. This is when your one hitter is placed in between your pointer finger and your middle finger.

Chillums are known for their on-the-go, discreet design, but in addition to that, chillums are great for chillin. Pack a chillum in bed when laying down! They're really easy to operate without worrying about getting ash or bong water everywhere.

Common Complaints of Traditional One hitter Pipe

  • A Device that Overheats
  • Restricted Airflow
  • Hard to Clean

These factors are what The DART one hitter designed its chillum pipe around, to fix all these complaints. The DART chillum never overheats because it’s made from aircraft aluminum. It contains teeth in the bowl to grind and give you that perfect, consistent grind for improved airflow. And The DART was designed with a click-to-ash button which makes for super simple cleaning.

How to Inhale Smoke From a One Hitter Chillum

how to pack a chillum bowl

The proper way to inhale weed smoke from a chillum is only going to be done with that consistently ground marijuana. Once you have the correct consistency packed in your bowl all you have to do is tap the flame to the bowl and get the flower burning.

  • When the cannabis is lit, slowly and lightly pull through your lips.
  • Let the weed smoke fill up your mouth and make its way to your lungs.
  • THC penetrates your lungs the second it touches so there's no need to inhale for a long period of time.

Did you know it's actually not good to cough? Coughing is a direct sign of irritation. The longer you hold in the smoke the more susceptible you are to coughing. It is a huge myth that "you have to cough to get off".

How to Ash a One Hitter

There's a difference with ashing a one hitter when you're using a traditional one hitter versus The DART one hitter chillum.

To ash a traditional chillum you kind of have to give up your discreetness when you tap the chillum pipe on the ground or the palm of your hand. Especially if the ash is lodged in there with resin, you may even need to get a paperclip to scrape inside the bowl.

When using The DART one hitter you simply click the button to ash. Simple! It makes for easy deep cleaning!

The Effects of Smoking from Chillum Pipes

A lot of newbie smokers wonder if using a chillum pipe gets you higher. This is an accurate description of the one hitter. One hitter chillums have straight and narrow airflow. What this does is carry the smoke directly to your lungs.

Think of taking a shot of vodka versus drinking a beer. You get all that alcohol straight to the dome. Similar results come from smoking out of one hitters.

Thing is, the bowl is small, hence the name one hitter, so if you smoke one large size bowl and try to compare the high to a bowl from a one hitter pipe, you won't get equally as high until you match that THC amount.

So, while you may feel higher from a chillum, it may just be a temporary head rush from straight weed smoke inhalation with little oxygen accompanying. Which makes for the "higher than high" effect.


Packing a one hitter chillum pipe is easy especially if you've done the right thing and purchased the newest model, The Dart. A consistent grind is made easy with these chillum pipes. Additionally, cleaning the DART is made easier because the whole one hitter disassembles.

Your lungs will thank you for a clean smooth tasting rip from your one hitter pipe. With COVID19 wreaking havoc on our lungs, it’s vital to keep our lungs healthy!

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