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Revolutionize Your Smoking Experience: Unleash the Power of Glass Blunts

Revolutionize Your Smoking Experience: Unleash the Power of Glass Blunts

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Gone are the days of relying on papers for your smoking sessions. Today's savvy and environmentally-conscious smokers are embracing reusable blunts to relish their cannabis in style and with ease. Often referred to as one-hitters or glass blunts, these innovative tools have become an indispensable part of every smoker's stash kit.

As our understanding of the science behind marijuana's euphoric effects on the human body continues to expand, so does the technology surrounding smoking methods. With growing awareness of health and environmental concerns, reusable blunts have emerged as the perfect solution, delivering clean, smooth hits for both social gatherings and discreet microdosing.

Available in various designs, these straight weed pipes, also known as chillums, cater to different preferences when it comes to packing, cleaning, and inhaling. With some designs being more user-friendly than others, it's crucial for consumers to research and find the ideal reusable blunt to suit their needs. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the diverse options, as well as provide essential tips on using and maintaining one-hitters for the best smoking experience.

What Is a Reusable Blunt?

A reusable blunt is a smoking tool that is shaped in a straight line, named after the old-school Phillies Blunt cigars that many cannabis connoisseurs would slice open, dump the tobacco in, and add ground marijuana before sealing it back up. 

Blunts gained popularity because they held more weed than a simple rolling paper and, in turn, lasted longer. But wrapping demanded an uncomfortable amount of saliva on the part of the roller, and inhaling cigar wrapping definitely isn’t healthy for the lungs. Plus, it’s hard to overlook the amount of plastic in any smoking product.

That’s why cannabis entrepreneurs created the reusable blunt, which is usually made of glass but also metal. These are larger than one-hitters, packing as much as you would expect for a blunt. They can be used over and over with the proper care, so waste is an issue of the past.

The Top Benefits of Glass Blunts

  • No more rolling papers: With glass blunts, you can forget about rolling papers altogether. They're a sustainable, cost-effective, and hassle-free alternative to traditional methods.

  • Flavorful experience: Glass blunts preserve the natural flavors and aromas of your herbs, providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

  • Easy to clean: Glass blunts are designed for easy maintenance. Simply disassemble, clean with warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol, and let dry.

  • Durability: Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, these blunts are built to withstand regular use and resist breakage.

  • Portability: Glass blunts are compact and easy to transport, making them perfect for on-the-go smoking sessions.

Types of Reusable Blunts

Types of reusable blunts

There are two main types of glass blunts on the market today: slide glass blunts and twisty glass blunts. As a step beyond in the evolution of reusable blunts, there is also The DART — but let’s start with the older styles that can be found in plenty of head shops and cannabis dispensaries.

Slide Glass Blunts

Slide glass blunts are designed to have ground cannabis added into a front-loading glass tube. Often, there is a sliding inner tube that consumers can push up and back when packing. Some styles will demand that the entire inner tube is removed, while others have seals that control the airflow. You may see some styles with a plastic mouthpiece tip.

Twisty Glass Blunts 

Around the same size as slide glass blunts, twisty glass blunts contain a metal spring that twists around the inner core of the glass tube. When a user inhales, the smoke must weave its way around the coil chambers. The idea is that this will cool the smoke before it reaches the lungs, making it a safer and healthier inhale. The design can make it easier to ash, too.

The DART’s Innovative Reusable Blunts

There are a few problems with these kinds of longer-sized chillums. First, these old-school cannabis pipes can be challenging to load. We’ll go through instructions in a minute, just in case you are struggling with one. But The DART’s innovative technology makes stealth smoking a snap — along with addressing other concerns many cannabis smokers face.  

The Best Metal Weed Pipes Around 

Different types of weed pipes

The DART is a total evolution of the glass pipe — if for no other reason than the fact that it’s metal. This, of course, means that it won’t break it if you accidentally drop it. It won’t matter how nice a glass blunt once was once it’s chipped on the ground.

Consumers love The DART because it’s easy to pack, easy to ash, and easy to stash. It includes easy-load filters, which help preserve lung health, and the sleek metal design simply looks cool. 

The Classic One-Hitter

The DART offers a selection of products, including a classic one-hitter. This little weed pipe is about a third of the size of The DART Pro, which is the innovation beyond the glass blunt.

These durable anodized metal one hitters come in a rainbow of colors. The design can be easily packed and stashed for smoking on the go. Plus, the user-friendly spring-loaded design allows ash ejection with just the press of a button.

These small reusable onesies are ideal for microdosing flower — and are affordable, too! 

The DART Plus Weed Pipe

For those who want the ease of a metal one-hitter with the size of a glass blunt, The DART Plus is the next step up. It’s about twice as large as a one-hitter, allowing you to smoke longer or pass it around.

This pipe is also made from anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, which is resistant to high heat and corrosion. The spring used to ash is stainless steel, so it’s the highest quality. It holds around a third of a gram.

A Weed Pipe with a Built-in Filter

The ultimate weed pipe is The DART Pro and is another step beyond in terms of integrating technology into the cannabis experience. It holds about the same amount as The DART Plus, but it has a built-in slot for a filter. This is a serious upgrade when it comes to healthy smoking, as inhaling any kind of smoke isn’t the best for your lungs.

Along with a filter (it comes with 120 easy-load, biodegradable filters), it also has a built-in mesh screen and a silicone sleeve that makes it more comfortable to hold. Of course, it has the same easy-to-ash ejection technology as the entire DART product line.

Maybe you don’t have A DART reusable blunt yet and still need some help learning to pack your reusable glass blunt. No worries, we got you covered!

How To Pack a Slider Reusable Blunt

How to pack a reusable blunt

Packing a slider takes a lot of practice to master. The first step for packing every kind of reusable blunt is to grind your herb, which itself takes some experience. However, grinding well is worth the effort as a uniform size will produce a more consistent cherry and a smoother toke.

Step 1: Expose the Chamber

Pull the slider out of the glass chamber so you can scoop the ground cannabis inside.

Step 2: Fill Up the Glass Tube

You’ll want to make sure not to pack the flower too tightly, as that will make it harder to pull.

Step 3: Pack It Up and Light

Place a finger on the end to keep it from falling out and push the slider back in. The flower should be snuggly in place inside the glass blunt, which you can then light and enjoy.

How To Pack a Twisty Glass Blunt

Twisty glass blunts operate a little differently, since they include that spring inside the cylinder rather than just a simple slider. Again, it helps to start with well-ground cannabis. Otherwise, you’ll have difficulty getting the buds inside without them sticking.

Step 1: Unscrew the Screw

The screw is the first and last thing you’ll need to touch before lighting. Remove the screw so that you can add cannabis into the glass tube. 

Step 2: Add Cannabis

This is slightly trickier than the slider, as you’ll have to rotate the glass tube so that the ground cannabis can fall evenly along the collection chamber. It can help to work straight from the grinder or a small bowl, rather than a flat surface. You may need to tap the glass blunt gently to distribute the flower.

Step 3: Insert the Screw and Light

You’ll need to put that metal screw back in for it to function as designed. Press the screw slightly into the glass tube and rotate in a counterclockwise direction until the entire screw is back inside. Don’t use too much force, or the glass may break. Once it’s in, it’s ready to light.

How To Pack The DART’s Reusable Blunt

While packing a ‘slider’ or ‘twisty’ reusable blunt isn’t too difficult, you’ll be amazed at how easy DART has made the packing process. 

The DART’s metal reusable blunt is even easier to load and ash. And here’s an insiders-tip; customers often buy one of the odor-proof herb canisters to make it easy to have ground cannabis ready to go whenever they want. 

Step 1: Insert Cannabis

Start by pressing the spring-loaded button to make sure all the old ash is out of the cylinder. Then just gently push the metal tube into a canister of freshly ground cannabis. 

It’s pretty simple.

Step 2: Light and Enjoy

That’s it! Just light up and enjoy your smoke. Once done, don’t forget to clean up by ashing with a simple click.  

The Pros and Cons of a Reusable Blunt 

Reusable blunt pros and cons

Is a reusable blunt right for you? Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Less waste
  • Better for your health (if using reusable blunt filters)
  • Sleek design for discreet use
  • Can be used for microdosing or to pass, depending on the size
  • Can be very affordable compared to buying papers or blunts


  • Needs to be cleaned regularly with a cleaning kit or cleaning brush
  • Likely to break if made of glass
  • Can be challenging to ash, unless using The DART
  • Some are tricky to load
  • Requires use of a grinder to prepare herb

Technology in the cannabis industry is changing and improving all the time, so it is important to find the smoking tool that’s best for you. Look for one that is easy to use and is better for your health and the environment, and you’ll be more likely to enjoy your next toke.

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