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The Dart One Hitter

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Cleaning Kit

Regular price $9.50

This kit consists of all the tools to make your DARTs like new. For a deep clean, simply add isopropyl alcohol to the cleaning tube, take your DART apart by unscrewing the button, soak and shake, then finish with the pipe cleaners or wire brush as needed. Visit our CLEANING page to learn more

Cleaning kits now come with our Daily Pipe Cleaners!

Our disposable pipe cleaners are designed to provide quick, daily maintenance to keep your DARTs fresh when you don't feel like doing a deep clean with the cleaning tube. Made with cotton, metal wire and hard bristles to remove debris/resin. Choose between one or three pipe cleaner bundles with your kit. 


    • Cleaning tube with screw top (0.6 x 4in)
    • Two Wire brushes (3.8in)
    • One or two bundles of Daily Pipe Cleaners 

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