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The Dart One Hitter

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The Dart Hitter Box - The Ultimate Stoner Kit

one hitter kit

We can all agree that smoking on the go is so much easier when you have a hitter box that contains all of your smoking necessities in one place. Tossing your supplies into your backpack or purse might seem like a good idea at the time. Let’s face it, though. It never works out well.

Rifling through your bag later to find your bud canister, grinder, and your all in one dugout is far from fun. It wastes time and can cause a lot of unnecessary frustration. Worse, it’s far from discreet. You’re pulling everything out to find what you need, drawing attention. Plus, there’s the telltale smell of cannabis leaking through the fabric.

Guess what? There’s an easier way. 

In this article, we’re going to show you why you need a hitter box, the benefits and functions of a taster box, as well as the best way to smoke on the go by having all of your smoking essentials in one easily accessible location—namely, an all in one smoking kit.

The Only Weed Kit You Need in 2021  

Having all of your supplies together is pretty convenient which is why a weed kit is an invaluable asset for anyone who wants to smoke on the go.

You don’t want just any all in one smoking kit with a case, portable dugout smoking system, or all in one hitter box, though. There are many on the market made of poor, cheap and low quality tools that would only end up costing you more in the long run when it stops functioning. 

The ideal stoner kit should include everything you could possibly need, and keep everything neatly organized and readily available. It should also come in various sizes and include various helpful tools depending on your personal preference.

What we are about to show you is a portable smoking kit for every stoner out there. What could be better?

A Smoking Dugout with Premium One Hitter Box  

For those looking for a basic kit such as the one hitter box, the Standard Dart Set offers a simple, take anywhere solution. It comes with a small, waterproof leather pouch, stainless steel canister, and a Dart smoking dugout. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

smoke dugout

While the pouch itself isn’t smell proof, the kit is the smallest and least bulky option. It fits perfectly into a pocket, bag, or purse. And the canister is odor proof - a bonus. You can grind your weed before you leave the house and stash it in the container to take with you. You can then still get away with smoking discreetly in public.

All in One Hitter Box with One Hitter Case

The Dart Premium Pouch Set is one of the most discreet on the go hitter boxes available. It includes the Dart, pouch, and your choice of Standard, Premium, or Model III canisters.

smoking dugout

This one hitter box case is highly durable and it's space efficient. You can stash it right in your bag or purse with no issue. Even better, the pouch is completely smell proof! It’s the perfect option for public use. You can take your hit quickly and be on your way.

Having a case for your portable dugout, also keeps your smoking essentials protected from water and damage, making it a crucial must have addition to your smoke sessions.

Most Efficient Hitter Box Stoner Kit 

If you’re looking to carry all of the essentials on the go, the Starter Kit Carry Case is a perfect choice. This hitter box includes everything you could need in a sleek, stylish, and durable cannabis case. While it’s the largest smoking kit case they have, it allows you to carry the most items and necessary tools. 

one hitter kit

The smoking kit case comes with the Dart smoking dugout and a weed storage canister style of your choice. It also includes a grinder, allowing you to grind your weed fresh. While you can still grind at home if you want, you don’t have to be in a rush. No time? No problem! Just grind when you’re ready to take your hit. It doesn’t get much easier or much better than this.

Dart carries the most efficient taster box weed case with everything you'll need for the perfect smoke sessions. Their taster box comes with a portable dugout that has a spring-loaded ash ejection mechanism with a durable anodized aluminum metal shell. 

Why a Weed Smoking Starter Kit is Perfect on the Go 

Okay, so now you know about the best weed smoking starter kit available. Now, what makes them necessary? If you’re an on the go smoker, or you’d like to be, the last thing that you want to be doing is digging through your bag to get your stuff. That’s why a hitter box is exactly what you need. 

A weed starter kit keeps everything in one convenient place. It limits movement and allows for a much more discreet experience, especially if you’re the type to do all of your prep work before lighting ahead of time.

Portable Stoner Kit Allows You to Smoke Seamlessly

A portable stoner kit makes for a much more seamless smoking experience. It’s even more seamless if you do your grinding at home before you leave. Everything’s right there, ready to go. You don’t have to waste time or fumble around to get everything prepared.‌

All you need to do is open your smoking dugout, grab your grounded cannabis weed from the canister, pack your pipe, and light up. Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is. 

Dart's smoking dugout allows for users to easily micro dose each hit which in turn allows you to conserve more cannabis in the long haul, making it cost effective. It's also easily cleaned with their self ashing system in place to allow you to load, smoke, ash, and keep it moving without causing any unwanted attention in the process. Did I mention that their portable dugout is equipped with a one click self ashing feature? What a plus! 

The Dugout Smoking System is Smell-Proof

You may not know it yet, but a dugout smoking system is what you need. 

We’re all too familiar with the smell of weed. We also know that it permeates almost everything. Even if you throw clean smoke accessories in your bag, the odor leaks out and can draw unwanted attention. Suddenly, all eyes are on you, and you know everyone around you knows. It can make even the most confident smoker feel self-conscious.

That's why having a hitter box with a dugout smoking system is the absolute best. You can take it anywhere—to work, to grandma’s house, even to church. No matter where you go, you can trust that no one is going to smell anything if you’re using a dugout one hitter box. The odor proof dugout canister also does a remarkable job containing all unwanted smells from coming out. 

Do keep in mind that you should use proper etiquette when using your smell proof dugout to take your hit. Be mindful of those around you, and use basic hygiene practices after each session. While no one will smell your stash from the weed kit, they could smell it on you. Washing up well will help to lower that risk.

Taster Boxes Can Be Easily Concealed

The great thing about these taster boxes is that you can conceal them easily, particularly the smaller ones. They’re much more subtle smoking kits that keep all of the essentials in one easy-to-access place while allowing for discreteness. You can then stow them easily in your bag. When you’re ready, you can quickly grab what you need, take your hit, and be on your way.

Dart's taster box also makes for the perfect weed kit for every occasion due to the amount of tools you can store within the case and how easy it is for stealth smoking in public. 

Weed Accessory Kit With an All in One Smoking System

Having a weed accessory kit is ideal for every stoner. Not only is everything you need contained in one place, but you also won't have to worry about causing any attention when you want a hit. 

If you have other smoking devices and are wondering why an all in one smoking system would be better, keep reading with us below to find out why you will not only save time and money, but how the benefits of a hitter box outweigh other smoking options. 

All in One Smoking Kit Solution

An all in one smoking kit is the perfect weed kit you could possibly have - an odor proof canister to store your goods, a discreet smoking dugout, and a durable carry pouch. 

Other smoking options not only contain more parts and pieces, but they are also typically made from glass which is easily breakable and not by any means designed for portability purposes. By having this cannabis kit, you won't ever need any other smoking device. Everything you'll need to use for the perfect light up session is already included within this stoner kit, making it the best stoner starter pack for every smoker. 

All in One Hitter Box - The Absolute Best Cannabis Smoking Kit 

By having an all in one hitter box, you won't need other non discreet smoking options such as your bong, dab rig, glass bowls or pipes since all you'll ever need is included with this weed smoker starter kit. A bong or even rig may be powerful in terms of smoke production, but lacks discreteness, portability, and ease of use such as ashing and loading. 

The best dugout kit takes all that stress away by allowing you to achieve the same level and high intensity without the hassle of setting up or even cleaning up when it comes to ash particles being left behind. A dugout smoke box will also allow you to get the perfect high without burning away unnecessary greenery by making it possible for you to micro dose. 

Perfect Beginner Stoner Kit

If you're new to the smoking scene, there is nothing better than starting out with this weed smoking starter kit. It contains all the tools you need to get started and keep it moving. It's also simple and easy to learn how to smoke your cannabis by having all your essentials in one place. 

A weed accessory kit is a great introduction for users looking to get started on smoking. By having an all in one smoking kit, you don't have to worry about whether or not you are missing any essential supplies. The all in one dugout that comes with your stoner kit will also make it easy for first time users to get familiarized with how everything works from loading your dry flowers to ashing and cleaning your smoking dugout. 

Steps on Using Your Weed Kit with Hitter Box

Using a weed kit hitter box is simple especially if everything is already there for you. With just a smell proof canister, a portable dugout, and a durable carry case, you'll be able to pack and smoke all you need to. Depending on your tolerance, you could store enough weed for a week within your odor proof canister so you won't even have to think about setting it up all over again as you would with other smoking options. 

Lets learn how to use your weed kit taster box: 

  1. Grind cannabis and store into canister
  2. Take out your portable dugout and load cannabis into the bottom opening. Be sure to give it a nice twist to ensure marijuana is nicely packed. 
  3. Light your cannabis from the bottom end, inhale, and click to ash once done! 

That's it. Load. Smoke. Ash. 

In just three easy to follow steps, you now know how to smoke on the go with your handy dandy all in one smoking system. After you are finished, simply store away all your tools in your weed kit. 

What other weed smoking kits offer such an easy solution other than Dart? As you can see, this weed kit is not only super easy to use but it's also very beginner friendly and way less intimidating than trying to learn how to use a dab rig or bong. 

With a smokers kit, you'll no longer have to worry about overdoing your high or smoking too much since the amount you smoke is easily measurable. 


For those who want to smoke on the go, a hitter box is an essential asset. It keeps all of your accessories in one convenient location, allowing you to take your hit discreetly and go about your day. This beats any other weed kit on the market and you'll no longer be in search of that perfect one hitter box ever again. Besides, who can deny the benefits and ease of use with a smell proof dugout in your stoner kit?

With these Dart one hitter dugout smoke systems, you can conceal your supplies, keep them easily accessible, and avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself. They really are the perfect all in one smoking solution of the year. If you haven't already, get your hands on this hitter box weed kit today and you'll be saving yourself time, money, and product by being able to efficiently save and conserve your delicious cannabis. 

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