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The Revolutionary Self Cleaning One Hitter 2020

Self Cleaning One Hitter

If your one hitter isn’t a self cleaning one hitter, are you even doing it right?

The whole point of a one hitter is so you can smoke discreetly in public. Once you finish sneaking a toke while out on the town, you gotta get rid of the ash. But smacking your chillum on the palm of your hand can bring attention to the fact that you are ashing to pack another bowl.

This sort of defeats the purpose.

In this article, you’ll learn what a self cleaning one hitter is, how it works, and why it is the best option for microdosing cannabis. So, load up, smoke one, and continue reading on with us.

What is a self cleaning one hitter?

Original one hitters are simple devices that don’t have a lot to them. They are easy to use but for some reason, ashing a bat isn’t as discreet as the act of smoking weed in itself.

To get the smoke residue out of the chamber, you have a few options.

You can either grab a paperclip and dig out the ash, or tap the end of the bat on your hand to try to loosen it up with force. Either way, you’re not staying very private with the fact that you’re smoking weed in public.

The problem with the traditional one hitter remains that the tar and resin builds up in the device and there is no way to take it apart to really get in there and clean it thoroughly.

A self cleaning one hitter, like the DART, ensures that you keep smoking pot discreet from start to finish. And makes for cleaning out that tar and resin much easier.

How does a self ashing bat work?

how to use a self cleaning one hitter

The DART invented the perfect way to ash. By just the click of a button, the device spits out your residue. No need to go searching for a paper clip.

These three steps are what define this self ashing bat:

  • Load- pack the good stuff
  • Smoke- microdose accordingly
  • Ash- click the button to eject the ash

self cleaning one hitter 3 step guide

Seems convenient, yeah? It is. Which is exactly what a chillum should be.

If you pack the chamber tight enough, you’ll learn you get anywhere from 4-6 hits, not just one. This makes for a perfect microdosing device.

Microdosing with a pinch hit

Let’s say you didn’t get quite as elevated as you had wished after the first puff of the one hitter…

Ash and load up again! Microdosing is the best way to conserve cannabis because you can choose to continue to smoke a little more weed or enjoy the high you’ve achieved. Which is important during a pandemic when money is tight.

You get the perfect amount of lifted every time. You can save getting totally smacked for your nighttime smoke sesh.

Microdosing with a one hitter is done by achieving the high that you desire precisely one hit at a time. After each hit, you can decide whether or not you need to pack more into The DART. Whereas, using a bong, with a regular size flower bowl there’s pretty much one level: High!

One hitters or Pinch hits you’ve probably heard of…

It’s safe to say you’ve heard of these commonly used one hitters:

  • The traditional one hitter dugout
  • Japanese Kiseru
  • Middle Eastern Midwakh

These chillums were a great accessories to everyone’s cannabis collection, in the beginning of time. But the issue with these one hitters is that there is no way to fully clean them. Just getting the ash out of the chamber takes a little more effort than what’s expected from a discreet smoking device.

The DART is the best option for a self cleaning one hitter with the ability to get rid of the ash with the click to eject mechanism.

Furthermore, taking apart this chillum and fully cleaning the resin and tar out is made easy and ensures a clean hit!


To really be able to enjoy a discreet smoking device to its fullest, it must be self cleaning. There’s not a more surefire way to sneak a toke than to use a one hitter that cleans itself with just the click of a button.

Load, smoke, ash! Stay safe and lifted guys!


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