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clipper pipe lighter

Clipper Lighter - The Environmentally Friendly Lighter

As cannabis users, we can all get on board with the idea that a Clipper lighter is an essential smoking accessory. We’ve all been there. You roll a gorgeous joint or pack your pipe perfectly. You reach into your pocket or smoke kit, grab your lighter, and give it a few clicks. Nothing happens.

clipper lighter

An empty or malfunctioning disposable lighter is the worst. There’s nothing more disappointing than being excited to take a hit, only to find out you’ve got no way to light your bud. After a few choice words fly through your mind (or escape your mouth), you’re left wondering, what do I do now? We’ve been there, and it stinks.

What if we told you there was a better option? In this article, you will find out how to smoke on the go without worrying about whether or not your disposable lighter will fail you. Sounds pretty great, right?

4 Key Reasons Clipper Lighters Are for You

If you smoke cannabis, whether rolled in a joint, packed in a pipe, or through a bong, you need a lighter. If you’re like a lot of smokers, you probably have one of those cheap disposable lighters you can pick up at a local pharmacy or gas station. Sure, they get the job done, but they’re a pain. Not only are they likely to malfunction, but if you run out of juice and don’t have another lighter on hand, you're out of luck.

clipper lighters

Clipper lighters offer a much better alternative. What is a clipper lighter, you ask? In short, it’s a smoking accessory every cannabis smoker should have. It’s refillable, cost effective, and it’s just plain pretty.

The Metal Clipper Lighter Is Refillable

One of the worst things to happen to an on the go smoker is realizing that you don’t have a lighter. Another unfortunate situation is when you discover that your disposable lighter is running low. Nothing blows a high quite like finding yourself in one of these positions. The best thing you (and other cannabis smokers) can do is purchase a Clipper lighter.

Unlike those little plastic lighters that you buy over and over again (and invariably lose the very next day), the metal Clipper lighter is refillable. As such, it’s an environmentally friendly solution for lighting joints, pipes, one hitters, and bongs. If you find yourself running low, all you have to do is refill it. There’s no need to worry about running to the closest gas station or convenience store.

Another great benefit of a refillable lighter is that you’re not tossing it in the trash when it runs out. This means you’re not adding more stuff to landfills that won’t break down, making the Clipper lighter a much more eco-friendly option.

Clipper Lighter – A Beautiful Accessory

There’s no denying it. A clipper lighter makes a gorgeous smoking accessory. The DART clipper lighters are beautifully crafted and available in four colors – brushed metal, chrome, gold, and rose gold. It's so aesthetically pleasing that you won’t want to be without it. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not usually a fan of anything pink, but I don’t go anywhere without my rose gold Clipper pipe lighter.

Clipper Lighters Save You Money

Here’s the thing. Those little plastic lighters are cheap. That’s one of their biggest draws. In fact, that might be their only attractive feature. But you have to keep buying more every time you lose them, they run out, or they quit working. Over time, that cost adds up. Have you ever sat down and totaled up what you’ve spent on lighters? If you’ve been smoking a while, that amount might surprise you.

Investing in a Clipper lighter will save you a good amount of money in the long run. It’s a one-time purchase that’s meant to last a lifetime.

High End Clipper Lighter That Pairs Well with the DART

We’ve already established that the Clipper lighter is a great-looking smoking piece. It’s so sleek and pleasing to the eye. The only way it looks even better is when you pair it with a DART one hitter pipe.

If you like to smoke on the go, you can get everything you need for a quick one hitter with the DART silver set. You have your choice of a carry case or a pouch, and you can choose between the chrome or brushed metal Clipper lighter. You also get a canister for your bud and a silver DART one hitter pipe. You’ll have all you need for stealthy, on the go smoking.

As if aesthetics weren’t enough to make the Clipper lighter and the DART one hitter kit the perfect combination, there’s more. Like the kit, the lighter is odorless. It uses pure isobutane, which has no smell and allows for a stable flame. You don’t get much more compatible than that.

How to Refill a Clipper Lighter

Refilling a Clipper lighter is a piece of cake. Let’s take a quick look at what you’ll need to do:

  • Hold your lighter upside down (you’ll always want to hold it this way to avoid injecting air).
  • Shake the butane refill can.
  • Holding both the lighter and the refill canister completely straight, press the stem of the can onto the red refill valve on the bottom of the lighter.

Allow the gas to fill the lighter for three to five seconds, repeating in short bursts as needed.

How to Use a Clipper Lighter

how to use a clipper lighter

Using a metal Clipper lighter is super simple. Lighting a joint, one hitter, or regular pipe with the Clipper is pretty much the same as using a cheap plastic lighter. The Clipper has a few features that set it apart, though.

First, if you use a pipe, the Clipper’s bottom fits perfectly into the bowl. You can use it to tamp down your bud before you light up. If you smoke joints, the lighter has another cool feature. It has a built-in poker that you can pull out from the top. You can use this poker to tamp down joints before closing them off or for a little assist when cleaning the bowl of your pipe. It’s a seriously useful little tool.

The poker also contains a small piece of flint, which you need to spark your bud in the first place. Eventually, you will need to replace the flint, which is super easy to do:

  • Pull the poker from the lighter.
  • Unscrew the bottom of the poker.
  • Tilt it to remove the flint.
  • Drop a new piece of flint into the poker and replace the bottom.
  • Push the poker back into the lighter and give it a test light.

Believe it or not, replacing the flint is one of the most complicated things about Clipper lighters, and it’s not even really all that difficult.


Don’t spend another dime on a cheap plastic lighter that you’re likely to lose or have malfunction when you need it most. A Clipper lighter provides you with an easy to use, refillable, eco friendly option that doesn’t just work, but it looks gorgeous, too. For on the go smokers looking for a seamless and more discreet way to take a hit, it’s the perfect addition to your arsenal.

If you’re tired of the same old frustrating experiences that come with using convenience store lighters, the metal Clipper lighter is for you.

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