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The Dart One Hitter

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#1 Pipe with Built-in Weed Filter: Discover the Best Smoking Experience

Mar 17, 2023

The cannabis industry is on the rise, and there are more health-conscious methods of enjoying your favorite high tha...

Glass vs. Silicone Bongs: Pros and Cons. Is Stainless Steel Better?

Feb 28, 2023

As one of the most classic smoking tools, bongs for smoking can be found in all shapes and sizes. But the way your b...

Keep Cannabis Storage: Tips and Tricks for Storing Your Cannabis

Feb 15, 2023

Welcome to our guide on proper cannabis storage! As a cannabis enthusiast, you already know how important it is to ke...

The Most Convenient Marijuana Pipe

Jan 1, 2022

Pot smokers are always looking for new and innovative ways to consume our weed. Marijuana Pipes, bongs, joints, and e...

How to Save Weed with the Best Marijuana Pipe

Dec 27, 2021

Look, we all know that there's nothing worse than running out of weed right when you really needed it. And despite be...

How to Smoke a Weed Pipe – The Ultimate Guide

Nov 22, 2021

When you’re looking for the fastest way to feel the effects of your favorite cannabis strains, smoking is arguably th...

How to Smoke Weed in Public - The Ultimate Guide for 2023

Oct 14, 2021

Discover the art of discreet public cannabis consumption with our Ultimate Guide for 2021, including expert insights...

How to Clean a One Hitter in 5 Easy Steps

Oct 14, 2021

Using a one hitter to conserve cannabis is the best option. Read this article to learn all you need to know about chillums and the best way to clean The DART one hitter.

How to Lower Your Weed Tolerance (2023)

Oct 14, 2021

We can all agree that smoking cannabis for the first time is a wonderful experience. But then you notice week after ...

3 of the Best Smell Proof Weed Canisters That You Will Find Today

Sep 8, 2021

We can all agree that finding the best smell proof weed canister or weed container is important for keeping your s...

Best Discreet Smoking Device and Stealth Pipes - 2021

Aug 27, 2021

Hard times can often bring us to needing a stealth pipe for the times you want to sneak away and squeeze a smoking se...

Microdosing Weed - Save Money and Get High With Less

Aug 3, 2021

We can all agree that saving money, cannabis, and lowering your weed tolerance is a great thing, and with microdosing...


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