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Weed Dugouts

Our modern Dugouts are the number one selling dugout in America. Our dugouts come with a smell proof storage, one hitter and other accessories like a grinder, depending on which dugout you choose. All of our dugouts are easy to ash with the click of a button, so you no longer spend hours scraping out residue. We even have a custom cleaning kit that comes with the ultimate dugout set or can be ordered separately.  Get the new and improved dugout today!

Having a weed dugout handy is the perfect setup for discreetly smoking on the go. This smoking accessory dates back for decades, but a new modern twist has emerged making this apparatus an even better option than before. 

Perks of The DART’S Modern Take on Dugouts

perks of Dart's modern dugout

The DART’s modern day all in one dugouts check all the boxes when it comes to finding the best option to discreetly take with you when you are on the move with your mary jane. Plus, customers rave about all of The DART’s products because they combine modern technology with the design that cannabis lovers demand. Here are some reasons for the five-star reviews. 

Not Limited to One Hitter

The best thing about The DART’s modern day dugouts - they aren’t just for one hitters. If you are looking for a pipe that can pack more than the .15g bowl available in The DART One Hitter, check out The DART Plus and The Dart Pro. They are top-quality tools for your smoking experience! 

Convenient and Easy

There’s nothing worse than a wooden dugout spilling your expensive flower or a ceramic one hitter breaking. The DART’s metal dugout and modern one hitters don’t have those problems and are convenient and easy to use.


Everything about The DART’s product presentation screams discretion. The DART One Hitter has a sleek and slender design that you could easily tuck in your pocket, in your purse or up your sleeve if you want!

While you can choose from a variety of solid color options on your One hitter and cannabis canisters, The DART’s stash bags come in solid black designs only. 

This strategic offering on the stash bags gives you a modern dugout that isn’t going to be calling out for attention and will easily blend in as just an everyday carrying case. 

It’s not uncommon for these stash bags to be confused with a regular toiletry bag, coin purse or headphones case. 

Even better - they are all smell proof!

Needless to say, The DART had discretion at the top of mind when designing this modern day dugout for some serious stealth smoking. 

Smell Proof 

Not only are the stash bags smell proof, but so are the herb canisters that you’ll be transporting your bud in. 

This extra layer of smell proof protection should help alleviate any stress you may have of taking your fresh, high quality green out with you and having its glorious scent give you away. 

So grab your grinder and prep your green, because these smell proof sets are going to have you comfortably bringing a solid stash with you on the go. 

High-Quality Material & Design

The DART prides itself on providing high-quality options for its modern day dugouts. From the smell proof canisters and stash bags, to the sleek designs of the anodized aluminum pipes - all products are made with safety, experience and efficiency in mind. 

And speaking of design, The DART’s pipes are designed to be both easy to pack and easy to ash. The pipes come with beveled tips, making loading your bowl easy as can be. And when you’re done, just press the ash eject button and you are ready to reload - just like that!

Microdosing On The Go

One hitters are a great way to microdose marijuana. It’s not always necessary to take a huge hit (especially when you’re strolling around out and about), so these small pipes make it easy to just smoke a little without having to take the time to roll a joint or pack a full bowl.

The DART’s full set up - from pipe to herb canister to stash bag - makes it easy to keep your microdosing going throughout your day. 

What Exactly Is A Dugout

A dugout is a small, portable container that holds your one hitter as well as a stash of your favorite ground up bud. One hitter dugouts make the smoke-on-the-go experience much more efficient and easy to manage. 

But what exactly is a one hitter? Well, it’s exactly as it sounds! A one hitter is a small pipe that has a bowl small enough to pack just a few hits worth of bud. My old cigarette designed one hitter was the perfect way to take a few hits out in public without having people give a second look. 

What's A Dugout Used For?

A dugout is used for the stealth smoker to take a hit or two in a discreet way. These handy devices are the perfect way to maintain a light and steady high while out and about without attracting attention by having to pull out a joint or full bowled pipe. 

Not only does it hold your one hitter, but your dugout will also have a compartment for you to stash some pre-ground bud in it as well. That way you can conveniently reload your small bowl when you are on the go. 

A dugout is like your wallet for your one hitter. It holds everything you need in one organized place to discreetly smoke on the go without running out of bud after one bowl. 

Traditional Dugout vs Modern Dugout

Back in the day when weed was illegal in most locales, dugouts started to emerge as a form of necessity to hide your weed and pipe from view when out in public. The traditional dugout was made of two different compartments carved, or “dug,” out of a wooden box. 

To passersby, this simply looked like you had a small wooden box. Keeping your bud and pipe in this wooden contraption also helped to mask the scent of your green, though they weren’t smell proof. You also had to make sure you had your lighter packed as well, as the traditional dugouts weren’t large enough to keep your lighter in.

Now that vape pens, or e-cigs, for tobacco have found a regular place in public scenes, the need to conceal modern pen-like cannabis pipes isn’t as prevalent. Even in places where weed hasn’t been legalized, it’s not uncommon to see people pull out a vape pen or sleek metal pipe and take a few hits without people batting an eye.

However, it is important to still make sure that your stash of bud in your purse or pocket isn’t acting as an air freshener, letting everyone know you have some high quality stanky-anky on your person. That’s why the modern day dugout is more focused on having a high quality cannabis canister and stash bags that are smell proof and allow you to pack more flower with you on the go.

The modern dugout is more focused on quality accessories that are easier and more functional to manage, with stash bags coming in the form of a compact and flexible zipper pouch or a harder, solid form case. The bags are designed to be fully smell proof, as are the larger cannabis canisters they hold, making these dugouts the most smell proof options available. 

Not only that, they afford you more room to toss in your go-to lighter or matchbook, making it less likely you forget that important tool when you grab your gear on the go!

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Dugout

There are a number of criteria to keep in mind when searching for the best dugout. 


The primary purpose of a dugout is to be able to be discreet with your green. You’ll want to have a good dugout that allows you to carry and smoke your cannabis without attracting attention to yourself in the process. 

Smell Proof

A key factor in maintaining discretion with your dugout is to ensure that the delicious scent of your bud isn’t giving you away! Make sure you find a good dugout that is smell proof. 

Quality Materials & Design

Not all dugouts are made equal! When shopping around, keep an eye out for quality products and designs. The last thing you’ll want when you’re out with your dugout is to have a product that falls apart when you’re trying to use it!


When it comes to dugouts, size matters! You’ll want to make sure the dugout and one hitter are small enough to easily carry with you, either in your purse or in your pocket. 

But the size of your canister matters as well! Having a smell proof cannabis canister that allows you to carry more than one or two bowls worth of green on you at a time will help enhance your smoking experience when you are on the go, and will help keep you from drying out too soon in your day!

How To Use a Dugout

Now that you know the ins and outs of dugouts, you might be asking yourself, “But how do I even use it?”

This step-by-step guide shows you how to get a smoke session underway no matter where you are. Best of all, you can be fairly incognito without having to use a vape or take an edible.

How To Smoke With the DART's Metal Dugout 

Lots of cannabis connoisseurs purchase one hitters with cases and herb containers all together as a package. This just makes the entire process of getting a great buzz easier and less of a hassle. With a metal dugout and a state-of-the-art one hitter, weed becomes a treat. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Get Grinding

Before going out, forward-thinking smokers will get prepared. You’ll need to grind up your cannabis to fill up the dugout. Use a grinder instead of getting your fingers sticky. That way, you’ll be doing your future self a favor. When it’s time to get high, you’ll already be a step ahead. 

Unlike the traditional wooden dugout, The DART’s new modern metal dugout will open and close completely. You won’t have to worry about any spills or smells escaping at inopportune times.

Step 2: Load Up Your One Hitter

Are one hitters worth it? They sure are if you’re pulling out The DART’s metal one hitter. These affordable designs are unlike those old-fashioned cigarette styles. They come in a rainbow of colors and are made from precision-machined metal. That means they’re not going to break if you accidentally drop them.

Just dip the one hitter into the herb canister to pack it full. Light it up and notice how smooth the pull is.

Step 3: Ash and Store

Here’s the best part about The DART - when you’re finished smoking, all that’s necessary to prepare it for the next hit is a tap of a button. There’s a spring-loaded button on the end of the one hitter, and it takes just seconds to release the used ash so it’s ready to store back in your stash bag - or reload!


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