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The Dart One Hitter

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Learn more about our cannabis products, pipes and accessories. The Dart Co is your modern online head shop that is here to help!


A cannabis pipe, designed for inhaling marijuana smoke, typically comprises a compartment for the herb, a bowl for ignition, and a mouthpiece. Pipes vary in shape and are crafted from materials like glass, metal, or wood—each offering unique benefits. Our Glass pipe alternatives are sought for their style and ease of cleaning, metal for durability, and wood for a natural essence. Regular cleaning is vital for a pleasant and safe usage.


A one-hitter is a compact, stealthy pipe for cannabis, designed for a single inhale per use. Available in glass, metal, or ceramic, these pocket-sized devices are perfect for discreet, measured smoking or minimal cannabis use. Regular cleaning is essential to avoid resin accumulation. Due to their petite size, one-hitters are less suited for group sessions.


Weed containers, ranging from glass jars to metal tins, are crafted to maintain the freshness and strength of cannabis. They often feature air-tight, odor-blocking, and UV-protective qualities to safeguard the weed's quality, aroma, and THC integrity. Using these containers can significantly extend the shelf life of marijuana.


Top-tier smell-proof containers, typically crafted from materials like aluminum or silicone, are engineered for cannabis preservation, potency retention, and odor containment. Key features include air-tight seals, activated carbon linings to neutralize scents, and advanced odor-blocking technologies. These containers are perfect for subtle storage or travel.


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