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Shop our selection of dart weed bowl products online. Our weed bowls are slick and deliver a premium smoking experience. Save today!

Best Weed Pipes

There's a host of styles available when you're searching for the best pipe. You've got portable one-hitter pipes ‚Äď perfect for topping up on the move. Then there are your classic glass marijuana pipes with their wide bowl and enduring appeal. You'll also find innovative designs like bubblers, which combine the water filtration style of a bong with portability. So which should you choose?

Remember that whatever style you choose, quality manufacture and design can't be sacrificed ‚Äď it's always about shopping for premium herb pipes if you want cleaner hits and a longer-lasting product. They're personal, sentimental objects and practical devices, and you should shop to find one that looks amazing, delivers excellent service every time, and never feels like a hassle to clean.

These are all qualities you'll find in DART pipes. Besides their sleek design, they're more portable, easier to clean, and offer an incredibly smooth smoking experience compared to conventional glass pipes. There are also different DART models to choose from, whether you're looking for a pocket-friendly one-hitter or a larger model with more capacity for a long evening in front of the TV.

Learn about the best marijuana pipes by type and utility, and discover which is the most suited to your needs. Our guide covers everything you need to know about weed pipes, cleaning your device, and what sets the DARTs ahead of the competition.

What To Look For

The best weed pipes all have several criteria in common. When you're searching for the best marijuana pipes online, you should always look for models that prioritize:

  • The Smoothest Hits If the hit isn't clean and smooth, we have a problem. A pleasant smoking experience is priority #1 when you're shopping for weed pipes online. If you keep your device clean and fill it correctly, there's no excuse for a bitter background flavor ‚Äď unfortunately, some budget models aren't easy to keep in good working order. If the hit feels smooth and pleasant, you're on the right track.
  • Easy Use Packing and lighting a pipe should be straightforward. It should be clear how much will comfortably fit in the bowl, and you should shop for a model that suits the amount you'd generally like to smoke in one session ‚Äď overpacking is wasteful and can impact your smoking experience. It should also be easy to light it safely; we've all burned our fingers once or twice when we're slightly too baked, but it shouldn't be a common occurrence.
  • Easy Cleaning Keeping your device clean is mandatory for the smoothest smoking experience with minimal interference from caked-on residue or lingering ash. Part of this responsibility always falls on the owner, but it's also vital for the manufacturer to make it easy to clean. If you've found that there are parts of your device where ash or residue gets stuck or repeatedly cakes on even after light smoking, that's poor design, and you should shop for a better marijuana pipe.
  • Durability One of the major drawbacks of a classic glass pipe is that it's so easy to break. Glass is a great material for smoking, but it's a simple fact that smokers sometimes get a bit clumsy. You might drop it when you're packing the bowl. You might simply not notice as your classic glass pipe gently rolls out of your hand, across the arm of your chair, and down onto the hard floor below. It never feels good to smash marijuana pipes, so prioritizing durability makes sense.
  • Portability Many of us like to smoke on the move. However, that doesn't mean that you're necessarily looking to advertise to everyone around you that you're enjoying your marijuana pipes. Small, portable one-hitter pipes are increasingly popular for this reason. They fit snugly into your pocket or bag and can be easily wrapped in a plastic bag for hygienic transportation. If you're looking for a portable model, options like the DART one-hitter range are just what you need.
  • Simple Ash Disposal The best herb pipes make it easy to dispose of ash between bowls, not just when cleaning your device. Leftover ash has a nasty, bitter taste, and if you've invested in a larger bowl for long evenings of getting baked after a hard day's work, you don't want to have to do a full clean every time. The intuitive ash disposal systems on DART pipes make it easy to get rid of all ash with just a click, unlike a traditional spoon pipe, where there's typically a small amount of ash residue left after you empty it.

Product Types

Now you know the criteria for selecting the best weed pipes, it's time to consider style. Style means a lot to smokers ‚Äď our paraphernalia is a point of pride, and everything to do with your hobby should spark joy. Here's a breakdown of different types of marijuana pipes.

The Dart

DART marijuana pipes are slim, aesthetically pleasing pieces with a huge range of color options available ‚Äď what sets them apart is the design. Every aspect of the smoking experience has been considered, from loading and providing a comfortable grip to ashing neatly at the push of a button.

The mouthpiece of the DART Pro pipe features a mesh screen to provide a smooth smoking experience, protecting you from ash or debris. You can achieve an even smoother hit when using the built-in filter system on the DART Pro model. This works like the filter in a cigarette and is designed to trap tar and other debris, making the pipe appropriate if you like to mix your smoke up. However, the filter can be removed if you want a pure, unadulterated hit of marijuana goodness.

The mouthpiece on all DART devices also doubles as a button. This hits a spring in the device that automatically ejects loose ash from the end, meaning there's no need to tap, and you can remove ash much more neatly.

DART pipes are incredibly easy to load at the base, whether it's a small one-hitter design or the larger DART Plus and DART Pro pipes. The smallest one-hitter option has a capacity of 0.15g, making it ideal for microdosing, while the heavy-hitting DART plus has double that capacity. The DART Pro balances out at a handy 0.25g and is ideal for the longest, smoothest smoking experience you'll find anywhere.

The metal core resists resin build-up and cleans down without any hassle between smokes. The end is designed to be packed densely, so it's easy to light using a standard cigarette lighter. The DART Pro also boasts a silicone sleeve over the shell to protect your fingers from heat.

Compared to a classic glass pipe, the DART has considered every feature of the smoking experience and optimized it. It's a premium weed pipe with a difference and simply the best way to enjoy marijuana.

The Spoon

The spoon pipe is ubiquitous in weed culture ‚Äď its straightforward design has made it a favorite of marijuana lovers for many years. It features a wide bowl for packing at the base of the pipe and a handle that you use to inhale.

A spoon pipe is easiest to light with a match if you want to avoid burning your fingers, although if you've packed it heavily enough, you won't run into any problems with a lighter! They're typically made of glass, which is extremely easy to clean but can be somewhat fragile compared to other materials. However, a spoon pipe can also be made of wood or metal ‚Äď note that metal options must be handled with care as they conduct heat.

The large surface area of most spoon pipes makes them popular because they can be customized with fun designs. There's also a certain reassurance in holding these, as they carry a little more weight than many other designs. They're enduringly popular, and for a good reason.

The Bubbler

Bubblers are a hybrid of pipes and bongs. They use a water filtration system in the base to provide one of the cleanest, best-tasting hits you'll find anywhere.

Bubblers are a little larger than other designs, as they need extra space for the filtration chamber. Combined with the tell-tale bubbling sound when you take a hit, this means that bubblers aren't necessarily the best choice for surreptitious microdosing! However, for home use, they're among the best weed pipes of all, as they don't just give you a deliciously smooth hit; they tend to be free-standing, so you can take a break whenever you want. This also makes them great for social smoking.

They're a little more intricate to clean, as you must pay extra attention to the filtration chamber. As a close relative of bongs, bubblers are most often made of glass. These are classic glass marijuana pipes with a lot to offer.

The One Hitter

One-hitters are becoming increasingly popular in the microdosing community. They have small chambers, and the clue's in the title: they're designed for one hit rather than a more prolonged smoking experience.

If you're shopping for a one-hitter pipe, it's essential to buy from a top-quality manufacturer like DART because the quality of materials is very important here. Most one-hitters feature some kind of discrete loading mechanism. If it's not manufactured by specialists, these devices tend to fall apart somewhat quickly. The DART one-hitter marijuana pipes ensure that you'll have access to that sweet relief whenever you need it for a long, long time.

The Sherlock

Sherlocks are modeled after traditional tobacco pipes, namely the one used by the legendary character Sherlock Holmes. They're favored by many who enjoy a classy, distinguished look while getting stoned. They're characterized by a long stem and a deep bowl that can hold enough weed or tobacco for a prolonged bout of rumination.

Traditional tobacco pipes tend to be made of wood, and this material is still favored both for aesthetic reasons and because it doesn't conduct heat. This makes holding the device comfortably easier, although it's worth noting that ash tends to cling to ragged edges on wood ‚Äď choosing a premium weed pipe with a fine finish is mandatory.

The Steamroller

Steamroller pipes are designed for potency. The design creates a powerful draw through the pipe, maximizing the amount of smoke you can take in with one hit ‚Äď they're not for the faint-hearted or those who cough easily! They're favored mostly by experienced smokers.

What Makes the DART Better Than a Classic Glass Pipe?

Glass pipes are enduringly popular because the material is heat-tolerant, doesn't stain easily if well-maintained, and the design can easily be customized to your taste. You can also select from a wide range of larger and smaller options.

However, glass is fragile and not always the easiest to clean. Staining also mars their appearance ‚Äď once you've missed a few scrubs, it's hard to remove residue build-up. Here's what the DART pipe brings to remedy the issues faced with classic glass designs.

Cleaner Hits

DARTs are designed to deliver the cleanest possible hit. The DART Pro achieves this by including an optional filter that prevents tar and residue from getting in the way of your smoke. The filter can be removed if you want a stronger hit ‚Äď the mesh cover still protects you.

Intuitive & Straightforward

DARTS are so easy to load and smoke. Simply pack up the herb chamber and light up with a regular lighter or a match! The design makes it simple even for novice marijuana enthusiasts to achieve the smoke of their lives with minimal fuss.


A DART is built to last. Every aspect of its design has been optimized to ensure you don't need to go shopping for a replacement anytime soon. Its body is also sturdy enough to resist falls ‚Äď no worries if it drops off the edge of the sofa.

Easy to Clean

DART pipes can be taken apart and re-assembled easily for cleaning. The interior and the core are also stain-resistant, meaning there's less chance of residue build-up.


The DART one-hitter is the ultimate in pipes for microdosing on the move. Its compact, sturdy design means it fits neatly into pockets or bags, and there's no risk of it breaking when it's jostled about. It's a much better choice for portability than glass devices and is simply one of the pipes for blazing on the move.


All DART pipes are reasonably priced, with a variety of price tags to suit anyone's budget. From the one-hitter to the DART Pro, all come in at relatively affordable price tags compared to many other designs you'll see on the market. They also make excellent, affordable gifts for your fellow marijuana lovers or that special someone in your life.

Simple Ash Removal

Getting old ash mixed in with your fresh hit is such a disappointing experience. It mars the taste and makes it harder to concentrate on enjoying the hit. How can you enjoy a long rip when you've got the nasty taste of old ash filling your mouth?

One of the DART's signature features is that the mouthpiece doubles as a button that releases ash neatly into your ashtray. It means there's much less chance of ash lingering on the interior and also makes it super-easy to ash neatly while you're smoking.

How to Clean a Weed Pipe

Given the diversity of materials used for weed pipes, it can be difficult to know which cleaning solutions are best. There's nothing worse than residue build-up ‚Äď it stops the device from functioning correctly and adds a horrible, bitter aftertaste to every hit.

The DART solves this with an intuitive cleaning kit that guarantees the proper removal of residue after every usage. Rather than shopping around for home solutions and reading conflicting opinions online, simply use a cleaning kit that has been thoroughly tested on the DART device to ensure optimal performance, every time.

Choose DART for the Best Experience

Our signature DARTs are precision-machined, beautifully designed, and built with our ingenious spring-ejection mechanism. Shop our range of the DART pipe today and discover the freshest and finest in premium weed pipe design.

DART is designed by weed lovers for weed lovers. It takes into account every frustration we've ever had when taking a hit and optimizes to improve that aspect of the experience. The cleanest hits, the lowest maintenance needs, and the most durable weed pipe at the best price ‚Äď shop the DART store today.

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