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The Dart One Hitter

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5-Pack DART MD

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Color: Black/Silver/Purple/Gold/Rose Gold

It’s always nice to carry extra DARTs for different occasions or to gift to your friends -  and if you buy the 5-pack you get a bundled discount!

Our cutting-edge DART MD delivers precise microdoses of fresh flower. Perfect for medical cannabis users as well as for consumers who want to ensure that they do not over-serve themselves by inhaling too much in any one session, the DART MD provides consistency and control over your cannabis experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without wasting flower or overconsuming. Equipped with our signature spring-loaded button for controlled dosing, adjustable airflow, and ash-ejection.  

DART MD is our smallest DART Model with a chamber that holds just 0.15g. For the best experience, pair your DART MD with one of our
herb canisters. Also, check out the DART Plus for bigger hits and the DART Pro for a smoother, filtered experience. 


  • 3.23 in x 0.3 in diameter
  • 7.4g weight
  • 0.15g herb chamber
  • Stainless Steel Spring

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