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The Dart One Hitter

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The culmination of fine craftsmanship and innovative design for modern herb consumption

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Explore the DART difference

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Aerospace-grade 6063 Anodized Metals

Creates vibrant colors with a smooth matte finish. Extremely durable, anti-rust, and heat resistance up to 1200º F

Precision CNC Machining

Calculated engineering and machining allows us to bring our unique design to life, and in turn, helps us create an incredibly efficient device

Spring-loaded Eject Mechanism

Our signature designs all feature a built-in ash eject button for a seamless cleaning experience and a gauge for measured dosing

Our Signature DART Models

the DART one hitter cannabis accessories

DART One-Hitter

Microdosing Quickest hits Discreet
.15g chamber

9.99 USD

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the DART plus cannabis accessories


Blunt-sized Biggest hits Shareable
.3g chamber

19.99 USD

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the DART pro cannabis accessories


Built-in filter Smoothest hits Mesh screen .25g chamber

29.99 USD

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Our Flagship: The DART Pro

"The Most Advanced Pipe in its Class"

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Built-In Filter

Provides quick access to insert/remove disposable filters that trap tar, particulates, and allow for an incredibly smooth smoking experience


Elegant matte finish with a sharp beveled edge at the tip for easy and efficient loading every time from our herb canisters


Machined via an extrusion process that makes the inner surface smooth as glass, resistant to resin build up, and easy to clean


Built-in mesh screen to block any ash or debris when not using the filter

Stainless Steel Spring

Reinforced, rustproof steel that enables our ingenious ash-ejection mechanism - just push to ash

Silicone Sleeve

Anti-slip material for better grip and provides added protection from heat

Herb Chamber

The sharp beveled edge at the tip makes for easy and efficient loading from our herb canisters


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