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The Dart One Hitter

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One Hitters

The DART One Hitter

By Estes Lee

One hitter pipes are without a doubt the best choice for those times when you want a discreet smoking option that will deliver one to two hits and then have you on your way!

The Best One Hitter

With all the one hitter pipes out there, how do you figure out which one is the best one hitter around?

Well, we’ve got you covered on that!

The DART’s One Hitter is a solid go-to option for a multitude of reasons, thanks to its innovative design.


This one hitter pipe is made from anodized aluminum, making it a super lightweight and durable pipe.

You can easily tuck this weed pipe into your pocket or purse with no problem.


When it comes to one hitters, discretion is key.

The sleek design of the DART’s pipes makes this one easy to blend in when you are in a crowd.

The easy load and quick ash mechanics of this pipe make taking a hit a quick and easy process.

If you couple it with the DART’s smell proof herb canisters and stash bags, you’ll enjoy the added discretion of not having your green give you away when it’s stored on your person.

Easy to Smoke

The DART’s weed pipes provide a smooth experience all around, from the load to the hit to the ash.

This one hitter is designed with a beveled tip, making loading a bowl a piece of cake. You simply press your pipe into your ground-up green and give it a nice little twist. Loading is that easy!

The hit is even easier. This pipe delivers a nice and smooth smoke on your pull, leaving your throat and lungs grateful.

Easy To Clean

Cashed your bowl? Go ahead and hit that ash ejector button!

Just like that - your bowl is emptied and ready to either be reloaded or tucked away for later.

You won’t find yourself tapping your pipe or scraping the bowl to get this one hitter cleaned out.

Not only is it easy to ash, but the pipe’s smooth core makes it easy to give it a thorough clean when it's time.

Verified Reviews

With all these high-quality features, it’s no wonder the DART One Hitter is getting five-star reviews from its users!

Dawid G said it is “Perfect,” adding that it is “The best one hitter I used”.

Another user commented it is “Perfect for those quickies. I don’t need much for the good feels in between those quick breaks.”

What is A One Hitter

Let’s back up a little bit. What exactly is a one hitter?

One hitters were designed out of a means of necessity to make it easy to discreetly smoke on the go.

For this reason, one hitters are tiny pipes used to take a hit or two and then tuck back in your pocket, bag or dugout.

One hitters go by many names depending on the circle you're running in, so don’t be surprised if you hear them also referred to as a taster, taster bat or oney.

How To Use A One Hitter

One hitters are pretty easy to use!

The innovative design of the DART’s One Hitter with its beveled bowl tip and ash ejector button make smoking this pipe even more seamless than the traditional one hitter designs.

Follow these quick and easy steps and you’ll be hitting your one hitter in no time!

Gather Your Supplies

First things first! Gather all the essentials to ensure you are fully prepped for your smoke session.

Grab your one hitter, your grinder, a lighter and your green.

Grind Your Bud

With a one hitter, you’ll want to make sure you grind your weed the right way.

If you leave your flower too chunky, you’ll struggle to get decent air flow on your hit.

Grind your bud into too fine of a consistency, and you’ll either ash the bowl on first light or end up inhaling some nice marijuana dust on your hit.

A nice and easy grind is best for your one hitter!

Store Your Stash

Once you have your green ground up just right, go ahead and dump your bud out of your grinder and into an herb canister.

If you have one of the DART’s smell proof canisters, this will help you be even more discreet when you are on the go with your green.

It will also make loading your DART One Hitter much more efficient while keeping your bud nice and fresh for future smoke sessions.

Pack Your Bowl

The beveled edge on the tip of the DART’s One Hitter bowl makes packing this pipe quick and easy.

Simply dip the tip of your pipe into your ground up green, press down lightly and give it a little twist.

And just like that - your bowl is loaded! No need to try and pinch a small bit of your bud into your bowl, spilling bits along the way.

The DART’s One Hitter loading method is a great way to help conserve your cannabis.

And even better, the beveled tip helps to keep your bowl in place when it is loaded.

So, you can be a bit more liberal with your hand gestures since the green won’t spill out as easily as it does with traditional one hitter designs.

Take A Hit

And now for the best part!

Put the mouthpiece end of your one hitter against your mouth, and give the bowl a light.

Take a nice pull of an inhale and give your green a good hit.

If you pull hard and take a large hit, you’ll most likely cash your one hitter at that point. But if you give your pipe a lighter pull, you can probably get a second hit out of it before it’s cashed.

Ash Your Bowl

When your bowl is cashed, it’s time to ash.

The DART makes this process easy as can be. All you have to do is hit the ash ejector button!

This is much easier than traditional one hitter pipe options where you would have to tap the bowl end a few times to clear it out or blow back through the mouthpiece to help clear the bowl (or sometimes both!).

And that’s it!

Now you are ready to either reload and repeat or stash it away for a future smoke session.

How To Clean A One Hitter

So you know how to use a one hitter, but how do you clean it?

Worry not! Cleaning your one hitter is a pretty easy process, and you most likely have all the supplies you’ll need to do so right at home.

Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need just a handful of supplies to give your one hitter a good and thorough clean!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sealable bag (like a ziplock sandwich bag)
  • Some 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Coarse salt
  • Hot water
  • Pipe cleaner or pipe cleaning kit


Before you get started, go ahead and take apart your one hitter if it is made up of multiple pieces.

The DART One Hitter makes this an easy process. Just unscrew the ash ejector and remove the inner core from the outer shell.

If you are using a traditional one hitter, double check that the bowl is cleared of any extra ash that might be hanging around.

Put It In Your Baggie

Place your one hitter in your sealable bag and add in some isopropyl alcohol.

You’ll want to add enough alcohol to submerge your one hitter (assuming it is lying along the bottom of the bag). The isopropyl alcohol will act as a disinfecting agent in your cleaning.

Next, add a tablespoon of coarse salt to the bag. The salt will act like a sponge, scrubbing away the tar build up on your pipe.

After the salt, add a few ounces of hot water to the bag. This will increase the amount of liquid to help create some force in the following step.

And finally, seal your bag (and make sure it is sealed tight!).

Shake Your Bag

And now for the critical step - give your bag a good shake!

Shaking your bag will help the salt, isopropyl alcohol and hot water go to work, fighting away all the gunk and germs that have accumulated on and in your pipe.

You’ll want to keep shaking for a few minutes to make sure you are getting a good clean (and of course go for longer if you’ve REALLY let the tar build up!).

After you’ve shaken to your heart’s content, let your pipe soak in the bag for another 5 minutes or so.

Rinse & Check

When you’re done with your soak, give your pipe a good rinse to remove the cleaning solution.

Check your one hitter to make sure you got all the build up off. If you see any stragglers, grab your pipe cleaner or cleaning kit and give any gunky areas a good little scrub.

Go ahead and give your pipe another rinse to make sure you removed any build up and cleaning solution.


Lastly, make sure you properly dry your pipe! This will help prevent any mold build up on your dank device.

Once your pipe is nice and dry, you are done!

Easy Cleaning With Ash Ejector

The DART’s ash ejector button makes the cleaning process so much easier than for traditional one hitters.

Because of this design, the DART’s One Hitter has less tar and resin build up within the pipe since the ash is getting fully removed between bowls.

This makes cleaning the DART’s One Hitter pipe much easier and less frequent!

Different Types Of One Hitter Pipes

Before you choose the right one hitter for you, it’s good to educate yourself on the different options and accessories available!


While the word “chillum” is often used interchangeably with “one hitter,” a chillum is actually a specific style of one hitter pipe.

Chillums have a cone shaped bowl that is slightly larger compared to the traditional one hitter, which has a straight tubular shape.

Since the bowl on the chillum is a smidge larger, you’ll get an extra hit or two off this pipe.

Wooden Dugouts

A dugout is basically a carrying case for your one hitter and some ground up green.

The traditional dugout is made out of a wooden container that has two separate sections “dug out” of the wood.

One section holds your one hitter and the other holds a few bowls worth of your bud.


If you’ve ever been in a headshop, chances are high you’ve seen a glass pipe.

These are a cannabis culture classic when it comes to smoking apparatuses.

Glass one hitters are known for their artsy glasswork designs, making these pipes more of a visual statement than a discreet weed pipe option.

They are good for when you want to take one or two quick hits around the house, but be careful taking these one on the go with you! You’ll want to be very mindful walking around with a glass one hitter in your pocket or purse, since its fragile and slender design makes it easy to break.

The transparent or translucent designs on glass one hitters will make it easy to see when you have a good amount of tar or resin build up and need to give your pipe a good clean. The smooth surface of the inner core of the pipe will make it easy to wash away any grime.

If you decide to get a glass one hitter, try to find one that has a silicone casing on it. This will help prevent breakage and will add a layer of discretion when you are out and about.

Glass one hitters heat up, so having a silicone case will also help give you some heat protection while you smoke.


If you are looking for a one hitter that is both lightweight and durable, then a metal one hitter is going to be the best option for you.

While some builds can be a bit intricate, most metal one hitters come in a sleek design, making them easy to tuck in your pocket, in your purse, or up your sleeve.

They also blend in a lot better when you are out in public, often easily mistaken for a vape pen or even a cigarette (depending on which design you go with).

Metal one hitters are easy to clean, thanks to their smooth surface material. They are even easier to clean if you get one, like the DART One Hitter, that has an ash ejector button.

One thing to keep an eye out for when shopping metal one hitters is to make sure you find one that is heat resistant, or else you’ll find your pipe heating up on you quick!

Why The DART One Hitter

The DART One Hitter is the top of its class when it comes to one hitter pipes.

Its anodized aluminum material makes it both durable and lightweight, so you’ll have no trouble taking this one with you on the go.

The effective and efficient design of its beveled tip and ash ejector button makes both loading and ashing this pipe a breeze, not to mention the smooth hits that you’ll feel when you smoke it.

The DART also makes this practical pipe available in an array of colors from black, silver, hot pink, rose gold, purple, gold, blue, green and red. So, you can accessorize this functional pipe to your liking!

Another great feature of this product is that it pairs well with the DART’s modern day dugout. The DART has smell proof carrying kits and herb canisters, providing a full setup for ultimate discretion when you smoke on the go.

Not only that, but the DART also offers larger bowled weed pipes, the DART Pro, and the DART Plus. They are great if you want all the functionality and discretion of the One Hitter while also having more space to pack in your bud!

So if you want a trusty, efficient and discreet smoking option that will help you deliver one to two hits and have you on your way, then the DART One Hitter is the pipe for you!


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