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What is a Chillum and Just How Great are They? (2021)

What is a chillum


What is a chillum is the big question.

If you ask our younger generation, a chillum is a one hitter. But if you ask elders that have been smoking cannabis for the past 70 years, a chillum may mean something different.

With new technology, chillums have evolved throughout the years.

Whether you are here to learn how to use a chillum or you're trying to find the perfect chillum for you, you'll learn all you need to know, in this article.

So load up, smoke, and continue reading with us to become a chillum expert.

What is a Chillum Pipe?

A chillum is a slim pipe with no carb hole. A carb hole is what controls air flow to the mouth piece. Chillums are also referred to as bats or one hitters because of their discreet design (you know, the one hitters that look like cigarettes), ease of use, and their sleek look.

If you don't have a chillum pipe in your smoke collection, it's time to purchase! Everyone needs a chillum smoke pipe in their collection for discreet smoking on-the-go.

Types of One Hitter Chillum Pipe

Different types of Chillums

The first chillum discovered was the indian weed pipe or indian chillum, made out of wood and used in spiritual context. The stone chillum was discovered in South America. Stone chillums are really cool and all, but technology has improved the performance. Over the years, the chillum has evolved into the glass chillum pipe, the cigarette chillum, the ceramic chillum, and the metal chillum.

The most common chillum pipes you see today are glass chillum and metal chillums, like the cigarette one hitter.

The DART invented a new and improved model of the chillum smoking pipe that has the capability of ashing itself with the click of a button. The maintenance of chillums have been known to be very hard to clean. The click-to-ash feature makes this particular one hit pot pipe a fan favorite.

Additionally, the DART is made of aircraft aluminum so it doesn't overheat. Since chillums are meant to be taken on-the-go, a glass chillum is not the smartest for that, you still have to break down your weed and glass chillums break very easily. The DART chillum has little grooves of teeth in the end of the chillum that grinds your weed up, adding to it's discreetness.

How to Use a Chillum

how to use a chillum

Knowing how to smoke out of a chillum can seem a little complex at first but we're here to break it all down for you, Cheech.

The key ingredient is to pack a perfectly packed chillum bowl is the consistency of the ground up weed. You want to grind the marijuana to a medium grind and to not pack the chillum's bowl too tight or too loose. Too tight, the air flow is restricted. Too loose, and you've got a mouth full of ash.

Follow these simple steps on how to use a chillum:

  • Pack the chillum smoking device to the perfect consistency. This is the same rule of thumb no matter which design of the chillum you choose to use.
  • Draw the mouth piece end of the chillum to your lips and tap the flame to the bowl end. You don't need to hold the lighter to the weed for long, a small flame will get the bowl rolling.
  • Ash your chillum. This part is to be done carefully if you're using glass chillums pipes. It's important to ash the chillum after each use because resin begins to build after the first bowl. And cleaning inside a small piece can get tricky the longer you leave it.


How to Pack a Chillum

how to pack a chillum

As mentioned, packing the bowl to a perfect consistency is the key to a great chillum smoke sesh.

Follow these simple steps on how to pack a chillum:

Step 1. Grind Your Weed

If you're using chillum glass pipes, or metal chillum pipes, you'll need to use a grinder to grind up the cannabis flower. If you choose The DART, you won't need a grinder. Simply pack the DART one hitter by twisting and pressing into your marijuana.

Step 2. Pack your Chillum

Once the weed is in the bowl, make sure to tilt the chillum up to peak inside to see if you have the amount you wish to smoke. If it's not enough, put more ground weed in. Remember not to stuff your cannabis in too much or you will restrict air flow.

Step 3. Smoke your Chillum

After packing your desired amount of weed, it is now time to smoke up!

How to Smoke a Chillum

This is the fun part! Knowing how to smoke weed from a one hitter is easy to do and may take only a few times of packing to get that consistency to how you prefer it.

  1. Load. Pack the bowl to your desired amount and consistency.
  2. Smoke. Tap the flame to the weed lightly to get the bowl rolling. Tapping the flame technique is key in knowing how to hit a chillum so that you don't burn the weed too quick. This isn't a bong rip, guys.
  3. Ash. Click-to-ash using The DART. If you're using a regular chillum, just blow the ash out with your mouth. This isn't very discreet, so be mindful if you're in public.


How to Clean a Chillum

There are a few methods to cleaning a chillum. Firstly, it depends which chillum you are using. The most popular chillums are made of material that can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and salt or a bong cleaning solution.

To clean a metal or glass chillum follow these Steps:

  1. Resin out. Start by getting as much resin out of your bowl as you can using a qtip.
  2. Insert chillum into resealable bag with cleaning solution or salt and alcohol.
  3. Shake. Vigorously shake the bag to break up the remaining resin.
  4. Rinse. Run your chillum under warm water for 10 seconds.
  5. Dry. You can do a quick dry with qtips or you can lay your chillum out to dry until your next sesh.

If you use the DART, cleaning is made especially easy by disassembling the one hitter before following these steps. In this way, your really able to get all the resin out and bring your one hitter back to brand spanking new!

What is the Best Chillum Pipe on the Market?

There are so many different types of one hitters but none of them perform functions like The DART one hitter pipe. The DART is easy to pack, easy to smoke, and easy to disassemble to clean. The aircraft aluminum it is made from prevents overheating. The grooved teeth in the bowl prevents clogged air flow. Furthermore, the click-to-ash feature just adds to the discreetness.

Picture this, you're walking down the street and you want to get a lit. You've got The DART chillum and some ground weed. You use the press and twist motion to pack the bowl, smoke, and then you click-to-ash. You're in public and no one notices what just happened!

Benefits of Using a Chillum

Now you've learned all about chillums how to use, how to clean, and how to keep it discreet. But now let's just touch on the benefits of choosing a chillum one hitter and how to make each smoking experience just the best!

The benefits of using a chillum are:


You can load small amounts of weed into your chillum until you reach your desired high. Just keep on loading and smoking until you get there.


One hitters are great for on-the-go because everyone else sees, and assumes, you're smoking tobacco.

Simple to use

Once you've got the perfect consistency packing down, it's as easy as load, smoke, ash!

Simple to clean

Disassembles in seconds so you can really clean every nook and cranny.


Now that you're an expert on chillums, you can share your knowledge with the fam. All chillums are great but the DART is the most updated, user friendly, and discreet chillum on the market.

Get yours today and let us know your experience in the comment section! Thanks for reading and stay lifted, guys!


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